Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life Lately

As you can probably tell, I have been lacking a lot of motivation for blogging lately. Hence, why I just now finished documenting the end of Florida(which was over a month ago) and why there have been no recent updates. Alas! The wait is over! :)
Adelyn is now over 19 months and is acting more like a two year old than being one. She recently started going to nursery at church and loves it! She tells me all week about "shurshry bubbies" (popping bubbles at nursery). Addie also talks a ton more lately. I have been writing down all the words she says, and I believe its to 60+ words now, which doesn't include signing. She has been getting really good at putting words together since she says two word sentences and lately more three word sentences. You usually know exactly what she wants!

She is now in that "entertaining" stage, where she knows everyone is watching her so she'll behave really goofy making weird faces, noises, and throws herself around all over. All I can do is roll my eyes because she thinks all this is absolutely hilarious....and sometimes I have to admit that it is. We reached a new accomplishment this week, Addie finally reached 20 pounds! We've been having to take her into the doctor's office monthly to check her height and weight. Although her height is soaring, unfortunately her weight hasn't been. So we are really happy that she finally got to at least 20 pounds...about time too!
Addie thinks "pretties" (jewelry) is the best thing in the world and loves to wear bracelets my sister gave her, hats, shoes, flowers, and "earrings" accompanied by my purses. She is definitely girly! Adelyn is really aware of a baby in my stomach and told me the other day "baby out"...I think she's ready for him to come just as much as I am!
Jared recently started a new exercise program called "insanity" that he's really pumped about. So far he's done it for a week, and really enjoys doing it and the way it makes him feel. He's also been eating healthier, which has been incentive for me to do the same, since I don't want our grocery bill to go up. I like that he can do it at home and it's only a little under an hour, so we can still spend time together. We've also been searching for a home to buy, so that's been sort of fun to do together after Adelyn is in bed. I think we'll both sorely miss having an opportunity for "us" time since a newborn knows no bedtime.

I'm 34 weeks today and almost down to a month left. My due date is July 16, though I'm hoping he'll come a little earlier like Adelyn did. I am very much done being pregnant. It's been so different this time around having to still bend over and entertain another child, even when I lack energy and desire to do so. That's been a very big challenge for me, I almost dread getting pregnant with our third since I'll have to do this all over again. I think because we have Adelyn to take care of this time, I've had a lot of anxiety about when the baby is coming, what time, day etc. I have been very stressed about the weight of this child too since Addie was no small package (8lbs. 2oz) and I doubt I can push out much bigger. I think I get too worked up about all the details since I worry about getting Addie taken care of too. Oh well, with the Lord's help I've been able to calm down somewhat.
Side note, my brother graduated high school last week (go Spencer!) and my sister got to visit from BYU for a week. It was fun having her around again, and we had fun hanging out. Spencer graduated with all A's, being the genius that he is :) Also, Jared's dad and his wife, Collette, will be coming to visit this month- we are really excited to see them! Too bad they are coming at the hottest time of the year...Arizona probably won't leave a good impression on them :)

Anyways, that's been our life and hopefully I can muster enough modivation to update again soon!


Jesica and Chris Fowler said...

You look so cute Aubrey! Hang in there! I felt the same way about before Adyson was born, but it wasn't as bad as I thought having 2! Addie is so cute!

Brewer's Ink said...

So Saturday night, after having seen you at the baptism, Jalen Andrew got out of the bathtub, stuck out his tummy, and announced, "My stomach is as big as Aubrey's!" So, sorry to tell you, but even the 3 year-olds are noticing.

Brad and Danielle said...

I just can't get over how cute Addie is. She really is too cute! We miss you guys so much. Maybe we will have to come visit one of these days too! :)

Good luck with the arrival of baby #2! I hope everything goes well. You are brave. I'm terrified to have a second. I'm not exaggerating...