Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Details about Dallin

While both the kids are sleeping I decided to take a second to give some more details. We ended up being induced and it couldn't have gone better! We were really hesitant to do it somewhat "unnaturally" but since Addie came early, and he was already overdue, we didn't want to risk him being huge. Fortunately our guesses of around 9lbs weren't accurate and he was only 6 oz bigger than Adelyn.

Before we knew the gender of Addie, Jared had mentioned Dallin as a name and we both really liked it. Had Adelyn been a boy- that would have been her name! It also occurred to me, not too long before he was born, that Dallin H. Oaks was always my favorite apostle growing up. So that kinda made the name more meaningful to me. Jared chose Joseph because it has special meaning to him as well, so this kid sort of has a lot to live up to :).

So far, Dallin has been the best baby ever! He wakes up about every 2-4 hours to eat at night and then goes right back to sleep! He is very patient and hardly cries during the day. We couldn't ask for a better baby and only hope he stays this good! He is truly a joy in our family!

Addie hasn't really had a whole lot to do with him, but for the most part is really good with him. She tries to play with him sometimes and likes to give him toys and blankets- so other than that we don't have to watch out too much. Adelyn is very concerned as to Dallin's whereabouts at all times. If he's not visible, she asks for him. When Jared took him to his doctor's appointment she freaked out. Not sure if she thought we were giving him away or just didn't want him to go to the doctor's (who is her least favorite person in this world) but it was pretty cute that she cared so much for her baby brother.

As a side note, we just signed the papers for our house! So we will be moving in whenever we get the keys on Friday! Yay!! We are official homeowners!! :) Well since the entire family is asleep, I'd better head that way myself while I still have a chance!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Arrival!

I want to post more later but just wanted to give a brief catch up for the time being. Dallin Joseph Bass joined our family on July 19 at 2:35 pm. He was 8.8 lbs. and 19 3/4 inches. He has been so good and hardly cries except when he needs something- a real relief since Addie wasn't so much like that. We really love having him apart of our family already! More pictures and details to come!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Playing

I think this is such a cute video of Addie playing. Lately, she will take toys and just talk and talk. I love hearing her pretend!

Since this post isn't an announcement of the new baby, he's still content cooking inside of me for awhile. I have been dilated at a 1 for three weeks now with little progression elsewhere. He still hasn't even dropped all the way yet. If he's still doesn't come this week, we have a new induction date set for the 18th. I did have one set for today, but we decided that maybe giving him more time was a better idea than forcing me into labor. My due date is Saturday (the 16th) and I'm not too excited about going over. Anyways, hopefully we'll have a new addition to the family this week!