Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Playing

I think this is such a cute video of Addie playing. Lately, she will take toys and just talk and talk. I love hearing her pretend!

Since this post isn't an announcement of the new baby, he's still content cooking inside of me for awhile. I have been dilated at a 1 for three weeks now with little progression elsewhere. He still hasn't even dropped all the way yet. If he's still doesn't come this week, we have a new induction date set for the 18th. I did have one set for today, but we decided that maybe giving him more time was a better idea than forcing me into labor. My due date is Saturday (the 16th) and I'm not too excited about going over. Anyways, hopefully we'll have a new addition to the family this week!


Matthew and Shanna said...

I was wondering if you were going to have a baby today! I think that is a good idea though. You little boy and Austin could have the same birthdays! (the 18th)

Brad and Danielle said...

Oh how delightful that Addie will play by herself!! Connor still insists I be right there with him playing with whatever he is playing. It's great, because I am teaching him new things all the time, but come on! Mom needs a break from block, balls, and cars! I guess that's what nap time is for... (and that's definitely how I use it) :)

Good luck this week! I was thinking about you yesterday. I almost texted you, but didn't want to interrupt if you were in the hospital. I hope he comes this week!