Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pictures of the House

Thanks for all the advice on cooking- so far it's been very helpful! It's been more of a challenge trying to find time to look at all the yummy things to try out, rather than making them! As promised, here are some pictures of our house. For some reason, I forgot to take a picture of the spare bedroom- though since there's nothing in it, it's not that exciting anyways. Please excuse the messes, it is more clean and organized since I last took the pictures!

Living Room: right when you walk in the door


Family Room:

Addie's bedroom:

Master bedroom:

Extra bathroom:

Front of House:


Thursday, August 25, 2011


I very much dislike the "New Year" hype about making new goals. For whatever reason I've never been one of those goal oriented people. If I want to start doing something better, I do it. If I realize I need to improve on something, I just do it. So, that's probably a good reason why Heavenly Father lead me to he can make goals for me. The latest goal he "set" for me (more like a conversation saying, "you should make a goal to ________") is to try new recipes. More often than not, I fall into a rut of making the same meals every other week. Not on purpose- it just happens (having a baby and moving are only a few examples of what is occupying my time lately). Anyways, I need to find more EASY and FAST recipes to feed the family with. Please help me by giving me a website you like, or emailing me a few recipes. Even your "this is too simple, she'll already do this" are ones I want...I'm not a very good cook, so I always need room for improvement (and suggestions)! Much obliged!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Perk

This is just one perk to having a house:

As you can see, Addie has absolutely no objections to this benefit! We are really enjoying having our very own house and all the things that come with it! Space, backyard, garage, yard work, recycle bin, more space, etc! Eventually I'll take pictures of our house so all of you who don't live here can see it.
Accomplishment this week: I finally was able to put all of Addie's hair up! She looks so much older with it up!

Another accomplishment: Dallin is 4 weeks now! He seems to be growing up so fast! He is still so good but is getting more aware of the world now. He has actually been smiling quite a bit, though I haven't been able to figure out whether or not he's smiling at us. I'd like to think he is! :)

P.S. That first picture of Dallin (taken by Jessy Erickson) was at one week old...look how big he's gotten! 9.10lbs last Friday!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Here are some pictures of our kids the past couple of weeks, and as a side note, Dallin was blessed this week since Cindi (Jared's mom) was in town. Jared gave him a beautiful blessing, I am so proud that my husband is worthy to give blessings, I only hope that our son will live his life worthily so that one day he can do the same as his father.

Also, we moved into our house this weekend! Yay! It's been a pretty hectic weekend, but we actually have a lot of boxes unpacked and are just trying to find a place for all the stuff. It's comforting knowing we are settling into a place we will be in for more than a year. We actually have a real home now! Addie wakes up and tells me, "yay, new house!". I couldn't put it better myself!