Thursday, August 25, 2011


I very much dislike the "New Year" hype about making new goals. For whatever reason I've never been one of those goal oriented people. If I want to start doing something better, I do it. If I realize I need to improve on something, I just do it. So, that's probably a good reason why Heavenly Father lead me to he can make goals for me. The latest goal he "set" for me (more like a conversation saying, "you should make a goal to ________") is to try new recipes. More often than not, I fall into a rut of making the same meals every other week. Not on purpose- it just happens (having a baby and moving are only a few examples of what is occupying my time lately). Anyways, I need to find more EASY and FAST recipes to feed the family with. Please help me by giving me a website you like, or emailing me a few recipes. Even your "this is too simple, she'll already do this" are ones I want...I'm not a very good cook, so I always need room for improvement (and suggestions)! Much obliged!


Chantel said...

email I have a ton that I have been finding lately and I can send your way. I have the same goal.

ed and brooke said...

What do you like to eat? We eat a ton of veggies and whole grains if you are looking to add more to your diet.

Eric and Rozanne said...

I am one who gets bored of the same ole recipes, and I like to use things that I already have on-hand so I don't make a million trips to the store. My favorite website is I just put in what I have an idea to make, (for example: chocolate cupcakes)and then I sort by rating so I find the ones with 5 stars or 4.75 stars and 1,000 reviews or something. The highest rated one is usually the one I try, and it has rarely steered me wrong.

You can also search for ingredients in a recipe on that website. Someone gave us two eggplants a few weeks ago, and I didn't know what to do with eggplant. So, I went to and went to ingredient and typed eggplant. Then I changed the sort to rating, and wa-la...the top rated eggplant recipe was eggplant parmagiana, so I made it and it was delicious. The kids and Eric were surprised when they found out they were eating eggplant. Check it out! I love it!

Jesica and Chris Fowler said...

Oh my word... amen to that post! I feel the same way. It takes so much time and energy! I still really like our best bites, like everyone else! But good luck and do share your new tricks if you find any!

p.s. We'd love to get together!... and the pics that are on my blog are from a studio in UT called fotofly.

Amber said... and are two of my favorites.

Alisa said...

and i second ourbestbites!

Best wishes!! Dallin is super cute!