Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Fun

I can't honestly say that I enjoy the summer months in Arizona, when it's 110+ for weeks on end... even the pool feels like a hot tub! Due to my lack of tolerance of the heat, on the weekdays we have turned into hermits. Although that has been hard, it has taught us how to find fun things to do inside the house! Such as coloring, piggyback rides, watercolors, nerf gun wars, hide and seek, and of course having friends come visit us! Here are some pictures and updates of what we've been up to this summer!
Addie loves to lay down next to Dallin when he's on the floor. Sometimes when they're down there together I can actually see a resemblance between them- they look like siblings after all!
Dallin has been very smiley the past couple of days, it's so fun to see his happy personality! We just love how easy going and wonderful of a a baby he is!

Addie loves one of her blankets dearly- she was pretty distraught when she realized I was washing it today. Her vocabulary is very extensive and she says sentences and phrases that are hilarious. Usually I think she says everything exactly right- but at the beginning of this video she says "smile" (since I whipped out the camera) and for some reason her "smile" never sounds like the word...still cute though!

Somehow she picked up on blaming other's when she gets scolded. So when I told her to quit yanking on my hanging shirts she told me, "Mickey mouse clubhouse do it!". When she was told to sit on her tushy, she replied, "Mary Poppins do that!". Hahah she never ceases to make me laugh! One day we were all extremely bored so I asked her if she wanted to go outside. Her way of saying she didn't want to (even she knows it's scorching out there) was, " It doesn't fit!" :) Addie is such a parrot, she repeats everything! But some of her favorite phrases include:

  • "I don't like this song"

  • "Austin/Sailor/Uncles/Daddy/Poppins/Peter Pan do that"

  • "He's(Dallin) looking at Addie!"

  • "Marching marching!"

  • "All done nap"

  • "No sleep, no sleep!"

  • "Watch _____? Tay, Tay (okay)"

Addie is also very much like Alice in the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland...she often gives herself good advice such as " No Standing" when she knows she's not supposed to be standing on a chair. It makes me laugh to hear her carry on conversations with herself! She is also so girly it's unbelievable! When her older friend McKenna came to visit, she loved her princess panties enough that she wend potty on the toilet! She's gone another time since then, so her incentive to go more regularly and consistently is to get princess panties like McKenna's!
Dallin is such a good baby, he hardly even cries. When he wakes up, he doesn't cry like normal babies do- he just hollers out and waits for us to get him! "wah!" wait wait wait wait...."wah" wait wait wait. He is so patient, unless it's feeding time! In which case he is having NO problems porking up! He is currently in size 0-3 months and 3 months clothes, but even those are getting small(He'll be 8 weeks on Tuesday)! When I weighed him and myself, he was somewhere near 15lbs! That's only about 5lbs more than his sister! :) Love this kid!

We took Dallin to church for all the meetings last Sunday, he has been doing great! Though afterwards he gets a little fussy- I think the over stimulation is sometimes overwhelming for babies. So we try and have relaxing time afterwards. Baths always help...he loves those! Never cried at all and is thoroughly relaxed the entire time!
So despite the horrible heat around here, we still have fun and the kids are definitely growing up! Can't believe we'll have a two year old next month....two?! Two is sort of weirding me out- better get over it, they're only getting bigger!