Monday, October 24, 2011

Two years ago

Two years ago, a baby girl was born to two very anxious parents who had no idea how much change accompanies such a small bundle. I remember one of the nurses saying as she took our newborn, "Oh, this is a dramatic one!" and thinking why did she have to blurt out such a rude comment- especially when I'd just pushed her out and therefore wasn't in much of a humored mood. Though now, I wish i could hunt that nurse down to tell her that she couldn't have been more spot two years old, our little Adelyn is still a dramatic one!

I still can't fathom how quickly two years has passed and how many stages she's gone through that have turned her into a child so different from even her last birthday! I feel like i can't keep up with all the cute things she does and says- they come and go so quickly- so i just decided to write some of her favorites as of Saturday. I actually wrote down ahead of time what I thought her answers would be.....and you can see for yourself how well I actually know her :). First answer is mine, second is her response.
Addie's favorite:

Movies: Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, The Sword in the Stone
~watch Poppins (one point for the mama!)

TV Shows: Elmo's world, Mickey mouse Clubhouse

~Aladdin (not exactly a show.....but she's two after all)

Song: Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph

~"Listen to Poppins song?"

Color: Pink

~red (close enough, right??)

Food: Fruits and veggies

~"Eat pop pop?" (translation- otter pop)

Treat: Otter Pops and fruit snacks

~"Trick or treat coming!"

Toy: Prince and Princess figurines

~"Share with Charlie" and later "Princess"

Book: Polar Express Board Book

~Winnie the Pooh Book

Well apparently I don't know my daughter as well as I thought....we'll try again next year!
For her birthday we picked up balloons and decorated them all over the house and in her room while she was sleepig. We got the idea from Addie's friend's parents, Kiya and Chase, and we figured it would be fun for her since Adelyn loves balloons. I was a little disappointed that I jumped in the shower when she happened to wake up, so I missed it. But I made Jared promise to record it so I could see how excited she was supposed to be (she let me down on the excitement level, but I guess she'd just woken up, so I'll cut her some slack). She did however, enjoy playing with the balloons all day and carried them around everywhere.
That night we had Jared's french toast (her favorite meal) for dinner and invited my family to celebrate with us. She had cupcakes for her treat and then we went onto presents (which are always the most exciting thing anyways). Jared and I got her figurines to play with- she is really into playing with those lately. And my parents got her a fun pretend food set. Grandma Cindi sent a cute sparkle princess cat card with money inside so we can go pick out something fun! I think Adelyn really enjoyed her birthday and gifts.
Addie, we're so glad you were sent to our family and we love you so much! Happy birthday!
P.S. Adelyn kept saying "happy birthday dear Addie!".....from the birthday song, she is really picking up on lyrics lately and will often be caught singing lines from random tunes. Funny girl!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You Make Me Smile

The kids are growing up too quickly, I have to put up new pictures as a record for me so I can remember how little they used to be. Each week I'm amazed as to how much they learn and grow- it's new faces, phrases, mannerisms, and personality traits every day. Love these kids and love being there for every moment they go through a new stage of their life. Isn't life as a parent wonderful?? Don't get me wrong, we have our fair share of frustrating days, but these special smiles and hugs make it all worth it! Purposely skipping out on all this is a mystery to me!
For some reason this picture didn't flip like it should have- bummer, I love this picture of Dallin

P.S. notice Addie's unique sense of style?? she always dresses up with a tutu and hat. The hat is a MUST with her :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elder Bywater

My brother recently put in his papers to serve a mission and he got his letter about 3 weeks ago. Here is the video of where he got called to!

Jared is really excited that Spencer is going to Argentina since that's where he went too, and it's been fun hearing him tell Spencer all about the country. Spencer will be serving in the boundary next to the one Jared served at, so I'm sure they'll have lots to chat about once he gets out there!
Even though I am so proud that Spencer has made this decision to serve the Lord and church, I can't help feeling pretty sad at the same time. Spencer and I get along really well, and have a way of relating well to each other. Spencer can also make me laugh like no one else can- we both have a quirky sense of humor I guess. I'm trying not too think too much about him leaving, which wont be until February 1st- but in the meantime, I'm taking advantage of as much Spencer time as I can! I will really miss him.

Congrats Spencer! I love you!