Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elder Bywater

My brother recently put in his papers to serve a mission and he got his letter about 3 weeks ago. Here is the video of where he got called to!

Jared is really excited that Spencer is going to Argentina since that's where he went too, and it's been fun hearing him tell Spencer all about the country. Spencer will be serving in the boundary next to the one Jared served at, so I'm sure they'll have lots to chat about once he gets out there!
Even though I am so proud that Spencer has made this decision to serve the Lord and church, I can't help feeling pretty sad at the same time. Spencer and I get along really well, and have a way of relating well to each other. Spencer can also make me laugh like no one else can- we both have a quirky sense of humor I guess. I'm trying not too think too much about him leaving, which wont be until February 1st- but in the meantime, I'm taking advantage of as much Spencer time as I can! I will really miss him.

Congrats Spencer! I love you!


The Colbys... written by Erin said...

aww that's super cute! How fun they'll have served in the same place!

Brewer's Ink said...

We'll ALL miss Spencer, but it is so exciting isn't it? I can't believe we're at that point already! It was weird enough when you grew up, but now look at your brothers!