Friday, November 4, 2011


I just can't get over how bubbly Dallin is already! He loves to smile (even in the middle of the night) and laughs easily. With Adelyn, you basically had to hire a comedian, bring in a circus, and exert all the energy you had just to make her laugh (little bit of exaggeration, but you get the point). It shocks me daily how different they are! Dallin sure loves to listen and watch Addie wherever she goes- he can point out her voice to perfection, and pays more attention to her than an of the rest of us. Addie loves him too, she'll share her blankets and dolls with him, and continually tries to give him water from her sippie, but other than that he's still not as exciting as a playmate for her. In some ways I wish he'd hurry and grow up so they could play together, but then I don't want him to get any bigger- i love the stage he's in! I actually caught myself thinking up ways to prevent him from growing up....pathetic, right??

Adelyn is singing like crazy lately! Her favorite songs are usually Christmas ones but in addition to Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman she sings Mickey Mouse, I am a Pizza, and Barney song. It's pretty cute! I love to hear her cute little voice.

Dallin is three months and just rolled over for the first time this week! He also loves to sit in the bumbo now. We tried rice cereal yesterday, but he wasn't a fan. I'll have to mix it with breast milk and maybe he'll like that better. He also enjoys the daily walks we've been going on, as does Addie. She's usually jabbering the whole time about every little thing she sees or has ever seen. We've been talking about picnics whenever we see benches, so yesterday I decided to just take them there to have dinner. Addie could barely contain her excitement and she ate like a champ! Maybe we'll have to start eating there regularly so that she'll eat more! :)
And don't mind Adelyn appearing to pick her nose in this least she's not feeding that to Dallin!


Rozanne said...

That's cute that Addie enjoyed the picnic so much. Funny the differences between kids. Alex was very hard to get to laugh and Jesikah would start laughing and laugh and laugh and laugh. It is also interesting how much of their personalities stick with them as they get older.

Brewer's Ink said...

By the way, putting your hand on the top of their heads, like Grandma always suggests, doesn't work. They grow anyway.