Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My friend recently wrote about a post she found where the person took things she was ungrateful for, and turned them into things she could be grateful. I decided to give it a try this year!

~I am grateful for so many diaper changes since it gives me a few seconds of individual quality time with my children

~I am grateful that Jared has to work late so that I am reminded that we are lucky he has a job.

~I am grateful for toys littering the house because it means Addie was enjoying being a kid and wasn't glued to the TV

~I am grateful to get up in the night with Dallin since it means he is alive and well

~I a grateful to make dinner every night because it teaches me to serve my family

~I am grateful for a snoring husband because I have my love to share a bed with

~I am grateful that sick Addie is giving Dallin kisses because she is learning to care for her brother (though I wish she could hold off until she didn't have the cold anymore)

~I am grateful for my talk this Sunday so I have an excuse to research a gospel topic

Happy Thanksgiving!


Alisa said...

Such a good idea! My sister-in-law always tells about when her 12-year-old was a toddler and wanted to kiss his new baby sister. She always had to remind him to just "Give kisses on her toes!" When I brought Beckett over after he was first born, my nephew went up to him in the car seat and kissed his toes! So sweet--AND keeps the germs away! ;)

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

i LOVED this post and I LOVED this idea!!! it's such a fun twist on "I'm grateful for my family and the gospel".. I'M TOTALLY stealing this one for next year! Maybe I'll make it a family tradition! just LOVED it! thanks for sharing

Meredith Williams said...

Aubrey, I'm so glad we are blog buddies now! Loved this twist on a gratitude list. WHat a neat idea.

oh and ps. I wanted to come up to you after sacrament meeting to tell you how good your talk was but I came down with a cold that weekend and didn't want to spread my germs on you. Anyways, you really did awesome. I loved your insight on how you have dealt giving equal attention to both of your kids. That was something I needed to hear.

Eric and Rozanne said...

I LOVE it! Way to turn the negative into positive!