Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So, Addie has been pretty terrible at eating breakfast lately. What's new- she's never been an eater. But this particular morning she didn't want to eat anything I wanted to feed her...including offers of making breakfast (which is not my forte).

Me: Do you want rice crispies?
Addie: no
Me: How about oatmeal?
Addie: no
Me: eggs?
Addie: no, no eggs!
Me: birthday cereal?
Addie: no, no birthday cereal!

You get the point, and as typical as this conversation has become lately, this particular morning I was pretty darn say the least. I hope that I'm not the only parent that gets so frustrated that I feel like telling her, "Fine! Just never eat and never gain weight- less work for me anyways!". So I decided to take her potty (we are all potty trained now!) and while she was sitting there I used that time to tell her how disgruntled I was.

Me: Addie, it's not nice to always say no. You need to eat your breakfast so that you can grow. You hurt mommy's feelings. No more saying, "no" you need to eat. Do you understand?
Addie: silence
Me: Adelyn, you need to eat. When we're done going potty you need to tell me something you will eat.
Addie: silence
Me: Adelyn, you are making mommy sad, I really want you to eat. You need to be nice to mommy
Addie:.......I'm sorry mommy

*Cue "awww" from a Full House episode*

It made me melt, maybe it doesn't mean anything else to anyone, but I want to remember that since it was so sweet. Yes, my two year old know how to give a thoughtful "sorry" and that means a lot to me since she knew I needed it. Thank you Addie.

And no, I wasn't very upset after that- kids have a way of calming you down when you stop to talk about it.


Brewer's Ink said...

Did she eat?

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

aww that's so cute! Madge has been getting spicy lately and will smack me in the face when she's throwing a fit, when I gasp out of shock, she immediately comes in for a hug just as fast as the smack if to say "I didn't mean it! I was out of control!" But it does melt your heart doesn't it?.. especially when you can tell they really mean SORRY! cute post!

Eric and Rozanne said...

Jarem went through a stage around that age where he refused to eat. He would cry and say no when I asked him if he wanted breakfast. It was very frustrating. Glad you were able to stay calm and expalin yourself. And glad you got a sorry. I love those too!