Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving/Oak Creek Canyon

Friday, my parents, Karrett, and us went on a hike in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona (about a 1 1/2 hour drive north) which proved to be an example of how horrible I can be at not anticipating problems. I brought new pants for Addie- fortunately- since she somehow soaked through her pants and diaper...just on the drive up! Still not sure how or why she did that. But I didn't have any other change of clothes for anybody- including Dallin...what mess could he possibly do??? Well as you guessed it, that was my big mistake since we got to our stopping spot on the hike (where we usually turn around) to discover that Dallin was dripping from the diaper. Ahhh!! Yes, he also soaked through his diaper poor kid, and I had no extra clothes for him....and it was very cold without any sun. Yes,yes I felt like a terrible mom- shouldn't I just expect that EVERYTHING will go wrong in hopes to be prepared enough. Hopefully our kids can
survive into adulthood despite my stupidity!
It was really nice to be out in nature again, though and the kids did really well. Dallin stayed in the backpack content as a cucumber and Addie pretty much wanted to be carried the entire way. Things did get a little tricky when we headed on our way back (still hiking) since it was definitely nap time by that point. But considering the fatigue- she did really well.
Besides all that mess, we had a lot of fun (except when Dallin screamed the entire way back home) and it was nice spending that time with my family!

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Brewer's Ink said...

Don't worry. We all make goofy parental mistakes, and somehow the kids survive. I remember going out into nature one time, and forgetting to bring jackets for everyone. It was windy and freezing, and my kids had to walk around wrapped up in towels that my parents had left in their car for some reason or another.