Thursday, January 19, 2012


Jared's birthday was yesterday- he turned 31! Wow! Thirty didn't seem weird to me- but 31 just seems a little crazy! He had a birthday when we were just friends and he was turning 27- I teased him then about being an old man- well, I guess we all get a older every year.....Since my brother is sort of a computer nerd and he is leaving on his mission in 2 weeks- we decided it was now or never to invest in a new computer (he built it for us). So Jared's birthday present was that new computer, along with a movie (the Adjustment Bureau) and a toy helicopter that he's had his eyes on since seeing them flying around at the mall. My parents actually got him that- and boy was he excited!

We had another birthday(or unbirthday- depending on how you look at it) in our house this month. Dallin turned 6 months! WOW, that flew! I am taking him in tomorrow for his doctors appointment so I don't know his stats yet, but here are some fun things to remember and stages he's in right now!

Loves: His Momma, being played with, stealing Addie's blanket (and hanging on tight when she tries to get it back), rolling all over the place, electronics, the "slippery fish" song, being carried
Hates: his nose being picked, shots, is starting to tolerate car rides
Eats: breast milk and baby food
Nicknames: Mister D, D Man, Slobber boy, Rolly Pollie, Tooter boy, Mister Man, The Human Steamroller
Personality Traits: Determined, laid back, always has to be where all the action is, always happy
Accomplishments: rolls non-stop, eats some baby foods, puts everything (and everyone's fingers in his mouth) sits up...sort of, is starting to grow some hair
Funny stories:  I hear Addie hollering, "Let go Dallin! That's mine!" and I look over to see Dallin clinging on to her blanket with a huge grin on his face while Addie's trying to yank it away. It took both of us to get it away from him- the kid's got quite a grip!
Whenever Addie starts playing with something, Dallin will immediately start rolling his way right to where she is so that he can start "playing" too. Addie is always less than thrilled as he starts slobbering all over them!
Whenever I leave anywhere and leave the kids with Jared, I always get a phone call saying Dallin won't go to sleep no matter what. The second I come home, and try putting him to bed, it takes 5 minutes...what can I say? He likes his momma!
 We just love having this bundle of joy in our house- what a fun guy to have around! P.S. notice the green grass Jared put in our back yard???

Monday, January 16, 2012


The next day we went to a neat little history museum that I actually really enjoyed. I usually don't particularly get excited about that kind of stuff- but the iron lung there was very intriguing to me. I'd heard the term, but not known that it was an actual machine that physically keeps someone alive. One lady in particular was paralyzed from the neck down thanks to polio, so this submarine looking contraption, would basically do compressions on her to keep her breathing. Her neck was the only thing sticking out, and she lived like that for 48 years!!! Geesh, that seems like the worst way to live. But
the man who worked at the museum said that they actually got to speak to her (she died in 2008) and she had a real optimistic way of looking at her situation. Apparently a lot of people lived that way due to polio and they had a hospital where they all were cared for. Once, the power went out (these things wereelectricaly powered) and so the staff had to hand crank to keep these poor patients living-which was an extremely difficult thing to turn. Eventually, the power returned and when it did, everyone just collapsed from being so exhausted. Can you imagine???

The following day Addie and I played in the snow in the backyard while Jared and Dallin rested. I'm glad I got a chance to expose Adelyn to the fun part of playing in snow since Jared got pretty sick that day and we ended up just leaving around 7- we had the apartment another day but he wanted to be at home. I was bummed, but it was still nice to get out and have a much needed vacation!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Christmas this year has been somewhat more special this year for several reasons. One big one being that Adelyn has really understood the actual Christmas story and constantly wants to be told about Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the star, shepherds and everyone else involved. It's been really neat for her to be able to recite the whole story and see her so excited whenever she sees anything having to do with the birth of Jesus. I think this year I've had a different perspective than I've ever had before because of her. It's made me realize that yeah, Santa is fun, but it really is so exciting that Jesus was born! I'm grateful for the chance I have to raise children who remind me how to be humble and excited
for the real important things in life.
It's also been neat since, like Mary, I now have a baby boy (who played the part of Jesus this year for our Nativity reenactment) and the neat feeling that is. I can't explain it, but love having a boy and a girl shows me how different and special each gender is. I love thinking of Heavenly Father's purpose for each of them!

We had a lot of fun with Christmas this year. Most of the pictures are self explanatory- and our camera battery died Christmas morning- so unfortunately there aren't a lot of pictures anyways. Addie was so funny with the Christmas Eve Nativity, since she couldn't make up her mind on who she wanted to be. She kept switching between an angel, Mary, and the shepherds. Dallin also enjoyed his part of the play- he loved watching everyone and just layed there with his arms extended- sucking it all in!