Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Christmas this year has been somewhat more special this year for several reasons. One big one being that Adelyn has really understood the actual Christmas story and constantly wants to be told about Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the star, shepherds and everyone else involved. It's been really neat for her to be able to recite the whole story and see her so excited whenever she sees anything having to do with the birth of Jesus. I think this year I've had a different perspective than I've ever had before because of her. It's made me realize that yeah, Santa is fun, but it really is so exciting that Jesus was born! I'm grateful for the chance I have to raise children who remind me how to be humble and excited
for the real important things in life.
It's also been neat since, like Mary, I now have a baby boy (who played the part of Jesus this year for our Nativity reenactment) and the neat feeling that is. I can't explain it, but love having a boy and a girl shows me how different and special each gender is. I love thinking of Heavenly Father's purpose for each of them!

We had a lot of fun with Christmas this year. Most of the pictures are self explanatory- and our camera battery died Christmas morning- so unfortunately there aren't a lot of pictures anyways. Addie was so funny with the Christmas Eve Nativity, since she couldn't make up her mind on who she wanted to be. She kept switching between an angel, Mary, and the shepherds. Dallin also enjoyed his part of the play- he loved watching everyone and just layed there with his arms extended- sucking it all in!

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Brewer's Ink said...

You guys are so good about taking a nativity picture each year. I remember when you were the little one in those pictures!