Monday, February 20, 2012

Transition Time

We've been undergoing a lot of changes around here as of late! Adelyn is now in a "big girl" twin bed and Dallin is finally in her crib- not the pack 'n play. Addie still doesn't do all that well in her bed, every night comes with requests of several drinks, stuffed animals, change of clothes, and her crib. And we usually get a good crying  fit with the door closed before she gives up and falls asleep. Nights have been the worst- it's like she's reverted to being a baby again where she wakes up several times a night and needs our reassurance for her to go back to sleep. Not enjoyable. But we have hopes that with constancy comes results, and therefore are NOT looking back to much happier days with her crib.

Dallin on the other hand is doing great- except he is sick so that comes with extra nightly wake up calls than usual. Needless to say, if our family is a little more irritable than the norm, you can understand why! He also turned 7 months and is so fun at this age! Every age brings new challenges and excitements, but I have to say that 6 months to 10 months are probably my favorite during that first year of life. The exploration they experience is just so fun to watch! Dallin can crawl, but still does a alternation between scooting and crawling to get to places. He loves to play with whatever Adelyn is playing with and so the sibling confrontation begins!

We also got a grey tabby cat. It was sort of a Valentines gift to Jared since he's always wanted one and our friends were giving it away. It's been good so far- the cat's really well behaved and the biggest problem we've had with it is naming it. We finally settled on Toodles. The kids really love it- Dallin crawls after it, and Addie tries to pet it constantly and when it finally tries to get away from her, she chases after it saying, "there it goes!".

 If you haven't already heard, Jared's company cut all their employee's hours down to 32 hour work weeks. As stressful as that's been financially, it's been a very sweet blessing in disguise. Jared works about the same hours during the week with the exception of having Friday's off. How wonderful that's been! It's great to have that extra day of family time that we have been feeling like is lacking in our lives. We try to take that day to do something fun together and go somewhere where we can enjoy each other's company. For example, one week we went to the zoo, but usually it's somewhere like the park or mall.

For my personal record, I want to add that Jared and I went to see the play, Wicked on Saturday and it was amazing!!! Jared got me the tickets for Christmas and it was a wonderful idea- wouldn't mind if I got tickets for a play every Christmas! (.....and birthday and anniversary and Valentines....haha). Also as a side note, my sister got engaged on Friday night! Whoo hoo!! They will be getting married in California in June, I'm glad she found such an awesome guy!


Meredith Williams said...

Oh man! That transition time is tough. Evelyn did the exact same thing. We finally switched the lock around and so we can lock it from the outside. It's sounds harsh and it probably is but we just let her know that if she needed anything she can always knock but she was supposed to stay in bed. It actually worked for us....
But hopefully over time she we get more and more ok with the twin bed.
And I'm super jealous you got to see Wicked! That's so awesome. What a neat gift!

Brad and Danielle said...

How exciting for your sister! Hooray!

And you will have to fill me in on all your big-kid-bed transition tips. I'm very much dreading that one in a few months. We are going to wait as long as we possibly can.

And I can't wait to meet your new kitty too! We all love cats around here. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Erica said...
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Erica said...

You look JUST like your mom in that last picture with Addie! I just thought I'd point that out. :)

(I spelled her name wrong! Haha)