Tuesday, March 20, 2012

While I am Waiting....

~Well, I am sitting at my computer catching up on everyone else's adventurous, funny, and interesting blogs while I not-so-patiently am waiting for pictures to upload to Shutterfly for my free photo book. I've been off and on doing this (waiting) for over an hour now, and thus had a lot of time to think of something adventurous, funny, and interesting to blog about. I came up with nothing. So here is my random, unorganized post about whatever I feel like typing at this moment.

~We went to the Children's museum (finally) last weekend and had such a good time! I couldn't believe all the creative yet simple decorations they had up! A lot of it was around-the-house materials, and therefore got my creative juices flowing.....okay, more like my copying juices. Unlike all the friends and family I surround myself with, I lack some serious creativity and therefore lean on everyone else's ideas. So there you have it: if you see something cute in our home- you'll know it was in no way something I came up with! Anyway, we really had a good time, and hope that we can get passes again (or our good friends, the Johnsons, feel generous again lol...thanks guys!).

~Here is conversation I had with Addie the other day while I was making Colby Pizza and she was eating a snack.

Me: "You guys are doing such a good job today! You used your new big girl stool to go potty all by yourself. Then you did a good job putting on your panties and pants all by yourself! And Dallin is doing a good job eating his food, being a big boy eating crackers!.....

Addie: "And Mommy is doing a good job making dinner!"

hahaha what a great daughter to already notice (and comment on) her hard working mother who makes dinner every day! I will cherish that comment probably forever, since I know that may be the last, or rarest compliment I'll receive for a long time- coming from a 2 year old at least! :D

~And last but not least for the random post, Dallin is trouble, trouble! I almost feel like we are playing a real life version of "Where's Waldo" whenever he is awake! I told Jared he is the biggest energy saving plan Jared could ever ask for! Jared is convinced that by unplugging our nightlights and radios, and other "energy users" we save a lot of money on our electric bill. I beg to differ and so I hardly unplug them. Dallin seems to feel the need to have a job in our home, and has assumed the role of our energy saver! All day long he crawls to every low nightlight in the house and unplugs all the ones he can reach! Problem solved!


Meredith Williams said...

Oh my goodness, CHristian does the same thing. He loves to pull out cords out of their socket!! And in reference to your dishwashing picture.....because of Christian's love for the dishwasher, I have now planned out for my day when I can unload and load the dishwasher (pretty much anytime he is asleep)

and I have to say, Addie always says the cutest things. You will be so glad you wrote them down because she will love them later on. You're such a good mom!

Brewer's Ink said...

That is a really fun place! Erik and the kids helped to "thread" the noodle forest in there, as part of an Eagle project.