Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Bonds

This isn't a very good title, but I couldn't put my finger on the phrase I was thinking of. Anyway! So a few things... a few months ago, I got the itch to put my basin to good use by putting a garden in it- how cute would that be, right?? And then Jared got this brilliant idea to turn the pile of rocks in the corner of our backyard into a garden too! Genius! So he and my brother set to work hauling out all the rock, hard dirt and making a planting area so I could put some flowers in there. LOVE IT!!

So, now several months later, I've got myself a nice looking "flower garden" (not a whole lot of flowers yet) that I love to go out and admire and be proud of. I also planted some lettuce in my basin (which didn't last long once it got nice and toasty outside) that we got to eat a couple of times (before it died). And lately when I go out to look at my green garden, I get to thinking about all the family of farmers  that have probably done the same thing I do.

 Both my mom and dad come from farming families of some sort. My Dad's from Idaho and it was always fun visiting our grandparents and admiring their garden (and riding in wagons down the hill......which destroyed their garden). My mom's parents both lived in Utah and were farmers of sorts with underground cellars and livestock and of course grew their own vegetables. We always had a garden in our yards growing up, and it was fun to eat fresh veggies on a regular basis. The best thing too is that Addie gets just as excited as I do when plants and flowers start popping up- maybe the farming gene will be carried through the family!
My sunflowers below are starting to bud!!
I am finding that it is the neatest feeling to grow something from literally a seed  which is eatable and that provides for you. I know I don't have much that does that right now (a piddly basil plant to sprinkle it's leaves on my pizzas) but even that gives me great satisfaction! Once the heat moves on and the weather cools, I'm excited to grow some carrots and whatever else I feel like trying out! 
See the awesome drip system Jared and my Dad installed?? Am I lucky or what???
Also on the note of family....I was super excited that for Mother's day, Addie was finally big enough to wear this dress:
Although it doesn't look like anything special (neither were any of Addie's facial expressions......I tried), this dress is pretty neat because I wore sister wore two cousins wore it....and then another two cousins after that! My mom bought this dress at a thrift store when I was a girl and it just sort of got passed down to her two sister's girls too! So this dress is probably 22+ years old and still in great shape! Pretty neat!

Here's me wearing it at around age 3:


Kiya Jackson said...

Nice job! I'd say you're doing a swell job if you are able to keep things growing! It looks like a lot of fun!

Erica said...

Oh the joys of Grandma and Grandpa's hilly backyard. :)

Matthew and Shanna said...

I love your garden! It looks great! I know nothing about gardening so I am way impressed!