Monday, June 25, 2012

The List

I am sure most parents and people have some sort of mental list going of things that they can accomplish that makes themselves feel successful. For example, on my list I feel that potty training Addie checks off one box of the thousands that makes myself feel like I am a good parent. Dallin walking- another check. Addie saying her first prayer. Dallin sighing, "all done". etc. It's one of those things that is an ongoing list, but when I check some of those things off, I feel just a little better about myself (yeah- it's pathetic). Anyways, this particular item on my list is one that will most likely never get checked off completely but I did get a big grin on my face as I recorded this beauty:
I always thought my parents did a great job of teaching my siblings and I how to get along pretty good. We had our disagreements too, but for the most part we all played and got along well. So, I have been trying really hard to implement that into our home and although this is only the beginning of it, it made me feel good regardless! 
Dallin is now a walker and that has been SO fun! It is really fun to see him get this goofy grin on his face when he walks all funny-he is so proud of himself! I think it's also hilarious how determined he is to get it right, fast! This kid keeps practicing like he has a deadline or something! He walks, falls, gets right back up and keeps trudging along! Cracks me up! Dallin also signed "all done" for the first time this week! Also, his first word is "uh-oh" which is pretty appropriate since that's what we tell him when we find that's he's climbed somewhere he shouldn't! He is getting so big and will turn 1 next month!

Addie is Mrs. Mischievous lately and thinks basically everything in this house is something she is entitled to. Inspired by Dallin, if something is out of her reach (usually for a good reason) she quickly finds a stool or some other means to get it. She is also very particular lately- which she's always been, but more so now that she has words (and tantrums) to demand it. Her sassyness has also gotten her into trouble the past couple of weeks- I fear this is only a teaser of what's to come when she turns 3 in October. Despite the attitude, she still is as sweet as can be in other aspects will surprise us with nice things she says or does. I have gotten more compliments from my 2 1/2 year old on my clothing and hair the past few weeks than I'll probably ever get- so I am soaking it in! (At what age do mom's become un-cool to their kids???)

We are truly loving the kids lately and trying to enjoy them at the stages their in now. Jared has been extra sweet to me lately, doing all the chores I don't want to do because of the heat and I truly couldn't be more appreciative! I am so amazed at my husband's continued support no matter the things I do- how did I end up so lucky??! 
 Well, that's a wrap of what we've been up to lately at the start of this blistering hot summer!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

First comes love, then comes marriage....

My one and only little sister got married last Saturday!!  We went down for her and her husband's wedding which was in Los Angles, California. It was a crazy, jam packed, fun, and enjoyable three days!! My poor sister still had a lot of things to do last minute when we showed up Friday afternoon (buy and cut food, print pictures, iron table cloths, pick up her wedding dress etc.). And her dress, which had been at the alteration place for months wasn't even done! So they went back to the alterations place three times that day since they just couldn't get it done right (no sleeves is sort of a problem!)! My poor sister was freaking out.

So Saturday, was their sealing date. We were worried about getting to the temple on time- thanks to wonderful traffic- but were nowhere near late considering  Kara had only shown up 4 minutes before we showed up! Mind you, she was supposed to be at the temple over an hour before everyone else got there. Yikes! But that wasn't the worst of it! So, apparently they'd gotten the wrong marriage license from the state, which said that they had been living together. OBVIOUSLY the temple was confused and wasn't going to allow that. So, they had to leave everyone at the temple, and go get the correct marriage license. We were basically at the temple the entire day lol which ended up being alright since we got to chat with family more. The biggest blessing out of all the mess, was that no other couples were scheduled to be sealed that day- so they had all the time in the world to get hitched! What a miracle!
 My wonderful brothers helped watched the kiddos during all this waiting time! Fortunately, the LA temple has an amazing visitor's center!

 Kara's wedding dress was so original and beautiful on her! Garrett looks so nice in his suit too- what an adorable couple!

Just like everything else about this weekend, most of the reception stuff was done last minute and was a big rush and stress until it started. It was super lovely though and everyone's hard work paid off! I think everyone had a great time!
Addie LOVED the dancing at the end of their reception - we couldn't stop laughing! I don't know what got into her, she's usually not so outgoing around strangers- but she was certainly living it up!
 Bummer I didn't get a picture of Jared during the reception. He was the biggest help throughout the whole night! He just kept going and going! Refilling water, food, cleaning, setting up, tearing down- anyone who thinks my husband isn't a hard worker would have shut right up if they saw him that night! Whew! He should have been paid for sure hahaha :)

Before we left on Sunday, we just had to hit up the beach! So we went down to Redondo beach and it was so nice to just have fun! I'd forgotten how relaxing and enjoyable the beach can be. Dallin wasn't too impressed, but Addie just loved everything about it! In fact, we had to keep a close eye on her because she'd be sitting down nicely and then suddenly just run like the devil was chasing her headed for the water! Crazy girl got soaking wet too!

I am so glad we were able to go and support them, it was a fun and adventurous weekend! Love you guys, congrats Karrett!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

4 Years

Today marks our fourth year of being married!! Kind of crazy that we've been married this long now- it hasn't seemed that long ago when we were only newlyweds living in a tiny apartment together! It's interesting to me how much our relationship changes each year, and how despite the ups and downs of life, how that reminds me of how much I love and need my husband. I love Jared and have a greater appreciation for him now that I think I did four years ago. I recently stumbled across a quote that went , "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person" (Mignon MeLaughlin). I love that quote, and think it pretty much describes marriage to a T. 
I love the man I'm with, and love that he loves me with all the quirky, dumb, foolish, and weird qualities I smother him with daily. I love that we've done lots of fun trips, moved a lot, and had our share of problems that helped us to grow closer as a team. I love that I married my best friend. I love that I still get butterflies when he holds my hand. I love that my husband is a "natural" dad, and instinctively knows how to be a great father. I love that I can honestly say that these past 4 years have been the best of my life and I hope that many more follow. I love you Jared!

These are some of the fun/interesting things we've done being married for 4 years that I am proud of:

~Moved 4 times
~Had 2 kids
~Bought a house
~Bought a car together
~Flew to Florida twice
~Been to Disneyland as a family....repetitively
~Done yard work together
~Planted a garden together
~Been on a road trip

Love you Jared! Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Tarzan

It's crazy to me how much Dallin climbs! For a 10 month old, I am constantly surprised at all the places I find him in. It catches me off guard because Addie never climbed anything. So...if you know of anyone making a remake of the Tarzan movies, and are looking for a baby to play the part- here he is! :)
Also, if this doesn't make you crack a smile, I don't know what will!