Thursday, June 14, 2012

4 Years

Today marks our fourth year of being married!! Kind of crazy that we've been married this long now- it hasn't seemed that long ago when we were only newlyweds living in a tiny apartment together! It's interesting to me how much our relationship changes each year, and how despite the ups and downs of life, how that reminds me of how much I love and need my husband. I love Jared and have a greater appreciation for him now that I think I did four years ago. I recently stumbled across a quote that went , "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person" (Mignon MeLaughlin). I love that quote, and think it pretty much describes marriage to a T. 
I love the man I'm with, and love that he loves me with all the quirky, dumb, foolish, and weird qualities I smother him with daily. I love that we've done lots of fun trips, moved a lot, and had our share of problems that helped us to grow closer as a team. I love that I married my best friend. I love that I still get butterflies when he holds my hand. I love that my husband is a "natural" dad, and instinctively knows how to be a great father. I love that I can honestly say that these past 4 years have been the best of my life and I hope that many more follow. I love you Jared!

These are some of the fun/interesting things we've done being married for 4 years that I am proud of:

~Moved 4 times
~Had 2 kids
~Bought a house
~Bought a car together
~Flew to Florida twice
~Been to Disneyland as a family....repetitively
~Done yard work together
~Planted a garden together
~Been on a road trip

Love you Jared! Happy Anniversary!


Erwin Family said...

Congrats you two! Our 4 year anniversary was yesterday June 13th. Crazy how time flies!

Shanna said...

Happy anniversary! I love seeing your wedding pictures!

Meredith Williams said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that first wedding photo of you guys with all the people blurred in the background. So sweet! You guys look great! :)

Brad and Danielle said...

Happy anniversary! That is so exciting! And you have done a TON in just 4 years of marriage! All that took us 7!

Erica said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe how fast time goes by. It seems like just a year or so ago that we all road tripped up to your wedding! And the even weirder thing is that that means it's been 4 years ago since I got engaged. Oh how time flies... :)