Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Tarzan

It's crazy to me how much Dallin climbs! For a 10 month old, I am constantly surprised at all the places I find him in. It catches me off guard because Addie never climbed anything. So...if you know of anyone making a remake of the Tarzan movies, and are looking for a baby to play the part- here he is! :)
Also, if this doesn't make you crack a smile, I don't know what will!



The Colbys... written by Erin said...

so cute! That video is awesome! Madge wanted to watch it over and over! And I'm LOVING your basin flowering pot! SO cute and creative! I've been wanting to plant stuff too... and then I don't. Maybe this is the inspiration I need!

Meredith Williams said...

Oh man! That smile is so cute!! Yes, our boys are way too similar. Can you imagine if we left them alone together for one minute??!!

Erica said...

I love his smile! You can tell he's a little mischievous guy. :)

Tari said...

Caleb is the same way! Anything that he can climb, he will, and even some of the things that aren't climbable. I hope you are able to identify most of the dangerous climbs around your house, because those can be scary! (I know from experience!)