Monday, June 25, 2012

The List

I am sure most parents and people have some sort of mental list going of things that they can accomplish that makes themselves feel successful. For example, on my list I feel that potty training Addie checks off one box of the thousands that makes myself feel like I am a good parent. Dallin walking- another check. Addie saying her first prayer. Dallin sighing, "all done". etc. It's one of those things that is an ongoing list, but when I check some of those things off, I feel just a little better about myself (yeah- it's pathetic). Anyways, this particular item on my list is one that will most likely never get checked off completely but I did get a big grin on my face as I recorded this beauty:
I always thought my parents did a great job of teaching my siblings and I how to get along pretty good. We had our disagreements too, but for the most part we all played and got along well. So, I have been trying really hard to implement that into our home and although this is only the beginning of it, it made me feel good regardless! 
Dallin is now a walker and that has been SO fun! It is really fun to see him get this goofy grin on his face when he walks all funny-he is so proud of himself! I think it's also hilarious how determined he is to get it right, fast! This kid keeps practicing like he has a deadline or something! He walks, falls, gets right back up and keeps trudging along! Cracks me up! Dallin also signed "all done" for the first time this week! Also, his first word is "uh-oh" which is pretty appropriate since that's what we tell him when we find that's he's climbed somewhere he shouldn't! He is getting so big and will turn 1 next month!

Addie is Mrs. Mischievous lately and thinks basically everything in this house is something she is entitled to. Inspired by Dallin, if something is out of her reach (usually for a good reason) she quickly finds a stool or some other means to get it. She is also very particular lately- which she's always been, but more so now that she has words (and tantrums) to demand it. Her sassyness has also gotten her into trouble the past couple of weeks- I fear this is only a teaser of what's to come when she turns 3 in October. Despite the attitude, she still is as sweet as can be in other aspects will surprise us with nice things she says or does. I have gotten more compliments from my 2 1/2 year old on my clothing and hair the past few weeks than I'll probably ever get- so I am soaking it in! (At what age do mom's become un-cool to their kids???)

We are truly loving the kids lately and trying to enjoy them at the stages their in now. Jared has been extra sweet to me lately, doing all the chores I don't want to do because of the heat and I truly couldn't be more appreciative! I am so amazed at my husband's continued support no matter the things I do- how did I end up so lucky??! 
 Well, that's a wrap of what we've been up to lately at the start of this blistering hot summer!


Rob'n'Mon said...

How cute is that? I can't wait until Matthew has a sibling to play with...if they get along like yours. :)
Sounds like Little Miss Sass is going to give you a run for your money, though. Good luck with that!
(May the Lord bless me with all boys!)

Eric and Rozanne said...

I love the videos! Your kids are so darling playing together. I often think we haven't done very well on teaching our kids how to get along, but I love it when they have those moments.

Brooke said...

I can't believe how big Dallin is getting! And so cute how little Addie compliments your clothes. Adorable!

Chelsie said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one too! It's not fun wringing out clothes . . . . by the way - your kids are SO cute!

Brad and Danielle said...

I am totally the same way about the list! I feel like a good mom when I get items crossed off. We shouldn't base our self esteem on that, but it's hard not to sometimes. How do u feel like a good parent when you spend an entire day arguing with your 2 year old instead of crossing things off that arbitrary list? I'll never know. We have good days and bad days. :)

And way to go Dallin! Cute little walker!