Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dallin's Birthday Festivites

We did a pretty low-key birthday celebration this year. My family came over for dinner- pancakes,  cake, ice cream and presents. Dallin loved the cake and ate it in probably 30 seconds flat! He loved his presents too! He got two car contraptions to drive his cars around on, new cars, and a helicopter toy to put balls inside, and a new ball. Everything a boy needs :) 

Happy birthday Dallin, we love you!
(Obviously Dallin's first experience with blowing up balloons ....can't get enough of his laugh!)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today is Dallin's first birthday! And what a fun year it's been! Tomorrow we'll do the real celebration with my family coming over and cake and presents. I think Addie is looking forward to it most of all- she keeps telling him happy birthday, then reminding us her birthday is also coming up (.....in October haha). Today we were invited to go to Jumpstreet with some friends, a place with trampolines and those blow up air gyms, which both kids loved and added to the fun birthday atmosphere. Dallin sure loves anything with climbing involved!
It's been a bittersweet feeling as Dallin's one year crept up on us. I am having such a hard time letting go of him being a baby. It sounds ridiculous- most parents can't wait for their kids to grow up sometimes- but it's been very different with Dallin. He was such a good baby, everything was just easy! He nursed easily, went to sleep easily, cuddled easily, smiled and laughed easily, and was just so fun! Not that Addie wasn't, but comparing the two as babies....it's been a stark difference! So even though he could be done nursing now, I'm still doing morning and night feedings until i can bear to let my "baby" go and be a complete toddler. Sounds sappy, and I don't mean it to be, i just want to record how hard this was for me. I really do love the baby age and he has been the epitome of a "wonderful baby"! Enough of the lamenting, here is our Dallin at 1 year: 

~He only has two bottom teeth
~Walks, and can almost run (or so it seems, he is fast!)
~Eats everything we let him eat himself- he has yet to refuse something I offer
~Thinks spitting is hilarious, whether it's himself doing it or Addie 
~Loves making noises, being noisy, noisy toys, and is attracted to kids who are noisy
~He says "uh-oh", "ha", "mama", and "dadda"
~Mama was his first word, but if that doesn't count, it was "uh-oh"
~Still a HUGE mamma's boy, but loves to tackle and roughhouse with Jared already
~Loves tackling Addie or crawling all over her. He never misses an opportunity!
~He throws all his toys in the trash can, pretty sure that's where our Disneyland magnets went...which was before we figured out where all his toys were ending up.
~Chases the cat with a big grin on his face. The cat sees Dallin tottering over and runs!
~He has separation anxiety, but is okay if Jared has him for the most part. It's been hard leaving him with friends to go on a date because he just cries the whole time :( We feel bad for the friends, and for him :(
~Is pretty mischievous, he figured out that he can push the large princess car up to the couch and will climb it right on up to the couch!
~Has a fascination with the toilet and already got my letter "F" magnet flushed down to the ocean. Threw it in there the very last second as I was flushing down Addie's pee. Lovely!
~Is getting more interested in books, and will bring Jared and I books he wants us to read him
~So easily entertained that it's very exciting to introduce him to new fun things
~He is a big people person! Likes to get their attention and "HA!" at them (maybe he's saying hi??)
~Still is a very determined personality and will stop at nothing once he's made up his mind
~He still gets swaddled and his binkie when I get him ready for bedtime
~Finds sacrament meeting a perfect opportunity to be LOUD and yell or scream HA at everyone around

I love that Dallin is a people person, I love that he's smiley, I love that he loves his sister and that he is such a blessing and fun dynamic in our family! Look how much he's grown in the past year!


One Month:

Two Months:

Three Months:

Four Months:

Five Months:

Six Months:

Seven Months:

Eight Months:

Nine Months:

Ten Months:

Eleven Months:

Twelve Months!

We just adore our Dinosaur Dallin and are so happy he's in our family! I love you, Dallin!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Splashes

We love having a backyard now, so we can:

and this:

and this!

Can you tell we are keeping cool this summer? Oh, we also have the house next door going up for rent, two houses for sale and another house for rent, all on our street! Someone come be our neighbors!!!