Monday, August 27, 2012

Dallin's One Year Pictures

Around the kids birthdays, I've taken them to the mall/Walmart/whatever-is-cheapest every year so that we have a "professional" picture to hang on the wall to show how they get older. Well, Dallin sort of turned one and I remembered, "Oh yeah! I need to get his picture taken!" and I mentioned this to my good friend, Kiya, who is a wonderful photographer- and she offered to take Dallin's this year! Awesome! So instead of dragging the kids down to the photo center of a store, we got to stay in the luxury of our own home while Kiya snapped away pics of Dallin! It worked out great, Dallin was comfortable enough to play and smile (Addie's one year pics at JCPenny's didn't have quite the same results haha) and I couldn't have been happier at how they turned out! Plus, I didn't have that wonderful nagging salesperson trying to convince me to buy the $700 package of all 12 photos that I'll probably get every penny's worth admiring each and every day....until next years rolls around haha. Thanks a ton, Kiya! You have a gift!

Oh, I didn't put all the pictures up because it took forever just to upload these ones!


Rob'n'Mon said...

Such a cutie!!!

Rozanne said...

Fun to get to do that at home! I never like the nagging salesperson too, and I am always so torn between which ones to buy!