Friday, August 10, 2012

Not Forgotten!

I feel like I've blogged a lot lately about Dallin and so, this post is dedicated to Miss Priss. Addie- you have not been forgotten!

Adelyn has gotten really into pretend play lately and has started to include Dallin a little in her imaginary adventures (he's not very cooperative usually, but she seems okay with it regardless). The other day i heard her trying to coax him into pulling her on her blanket. Offering a corner of the blanket she was sitting on, saying, "Here Dallin! Pull me! ya go! Pull me!" I was surprised he actually took the blanket and tried- but his attempts weren't up to par with what Addie was expecting, I think. haha
Jared told me that last Saturday, he woke up to Addie at his side, stroking his hair, saying, "He's so beautiful" and singing "Part of your world" to him. Hahaha this girl loves her Disney movies!
Addie has been pretty funny with the things she says. She was sick last week and Toodles got all playful and started grabbing her legs (not being mean, just playful) and she yelled at him, "No Toodles! You be nice to me....I'm sick!" and immediately started bawling. We couldn't help but laugh, she has already become a bossy older sister- even to the cat!
Blogger didn't let me flip the picture

When I brought Dallin to the doctors and it was time for his shot, the nurse and I were all caught up on taking care of Dallin and distracting him and I pretty much forgot about Addie sitting in the chair behind us. But through Dallin crying, Addie burst out, "Hey, STOP!" with tears in her eyes- poor girl defending her brother.  And then on the way home when Dallin was fussy, she reassured Dallin saying, "It's okay, the doctor's not scary", which is something profound coming from her, considering her typical terror of the doctors!
Adelyn also LOVES to sing. When I say she is always singing, I'm not exaggerating! She knows every Disney song, Winnie the pooh song, and tons of radio songs. In fact, the other day "Pumped Up Kicks" came on the radio in the car and she started singing right along- didn't even know I listed to that song that much! She also loves that song, "Someone I Used to Know" which is what I was trying to get her to sing on this video. She is singing "can you sing with all the voices of the mountain...can you paint with all the colors of the wind?" from Pocahontas at the beginning of the video. We love hearing her sing!

 Addie's a fun, sweet, sassy, Disney fanatic, singing, almost-3 year old. And we sure do love her!


Saragers said...

Oh my goodness she is too cute. Seriously. I think I was obsessed with singing disney songs too when I was little...well actually maybe I still am.

Erica said...

I literally laughed out loud at the part about her stroking Jared's hair and singing to him. That cracks me up! I love her little personality and I haven't even had the chance to meet her yet. There is something wrong with that picture!! ;)