Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Stuff

This is definitely the time in the summer that I am completely done with the AZ heat and ready for "autumn" to come around (I personally don't think AZ has a fall season but the weather gets cooler and that's all that counts!). I am ready to start taking the kids on daily walks and get us OUT OF THIS HOUSE! Since it's so hot, it's not really worth it for anyone to get all hot and sweaty to go anywhere, so we basically become hermits through the summer months. But excitingly enough we are almost to September- meaning there is still two months left of heat! Whohoo! haha Here is some of what we've done this summer:

Gone curly: Addie has always had wavy hair but my mom suggested I stop brushing it out and adding product in it to emphasize the wave. Well, I guess we've got an adorable 2 year old with a curly head of hair! Although, true to my side of the family, the front of her hair is completely flat, with the back WILD, so we have to pin that back and it looks sooo cute! 

Splash Pad: We went to the splash pad a few weeks ago with our friends, the Goodman's. We hadn't been before, but the kids really enjoyed it! Dallin was tired and got sick of being there pretty quickly, but Addie had a lot of fun!

Tongue Tied: A couple of weeks ago, some friends at church asked if Dallin is tongue tied. Looking at him more and talking to our pediatrician, we found out he is. It's kind of funny because shortly after he was born, the thought had crossed my mind, but I never thought of it since. Well anyways, we need to take him into a ENT specialist to see if they want to clip it or not. It has never affected his eating or nursing, but he can't stick his tongue out and he has a butt tongue. Not sure if it effects speech or not since he doesn't talk a whole lot (maybe that's why???). Anyway, it will be interesting to see what they say

Staring at each other and taking pictures because we're bored: Jared's been gone working late hours or out of town a lot recently so we've resorted to going nuts.


Brody and Erin said...

Cute pics! The kids are getting to big. Crazy! We might actually be trying to visit you next month. :) Brody has an interview out that way at the end of Sept. I'm sure Brody will get in touch with Jared. As far as my pics go on my blog... they have all been from my i-phone. :) There are lots of apps that help do a good and fun job editing the pics. We have a nice Rebel Cannon camera but I hardly use it nowadays. I should though... because it's super nice too. Miss you guys and hope to see you next month. (It'll just be me and Brody.)

Meredith Williams said...

I love the curls! She looks so grown up!

Brooke said...

I'm right there with you. Sooo over this heat. Done and done. Addie's curls are way cute. So fun!