Thursday, September 6, 2012

Luxury Camping

This Labor day weekend Jared and I both had an itch to go somewhere and do something since Jared had a four day weekend. Thursday morning I got all excited thinking it would be fun to go on our very first camping trip as a family....or ever for that matter, and called Jared to see what he thought. Well he pointed out that nearly every other family in Phoenix was probably singing the same tune and had most likely reserved their camping spot long before. Bummer, I'm sure he was right. But the itch to camp hadn't left our thoughts completely and Jared suggested we camp out in our backyard (....uhhh it's still 100 degrees at night) or in the house. So in the living room we pitched our tent! 
Addie was really excited about the whole thing and we got some fun ideas from a book we checked out from our library the week prior called, "Bailey Goes Camping" by Kevin Henkes. So we star gazed, had a treat, and watched a movie in the tent (there are more fun activities in the book, but it was getting late so we shortened everything).

I decided there are a lot of perks to camping in the house. No fire pit to guard in case the kids get any ideas, no bugs, no future preparation necessary, no dirt, and no kids sleeping in a completely different environment (Dallin slept in his his room). Although, I still missed that camping smell...... maybe next year we'll plan ahead.
 **Good thing we didn't go anywhere- my sister and her hubby surprised us and drove up Saturday night. Plus the kids and I got sick on Friday afternoon and through the whole weekend, so our little taste for camping worked out great this time!**


Kiya Jackson said...

Such a fun idea! And holy moly so much cleaner! :) Addie looks so excited in those pictures. I always think about these types of moments (the simple, spontaneous, spur of the moment type) being what our kids will probably remember even more clearly than the planned out ones. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

Meredith Williams said...

That is my type of camping :) Don't tell my husband! Jk seriously, that looks so fun!

Rozanne said...

Looks like a good idea, and much cooler than 100 weather outside! I like that you went ahead with your idea even if it was inside. I don't think it mattered to Addie at all. She still looks like she had a blast!

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

sooo cute! At playgroup today we were just talking about the itch to go camping!! I'll have to try the REAL stay-cation:)

Collin and Danny said...

Oh, camping at home... how I wish we had done that Labor Day weekend! We ended up going camping somewhere else, and it was hot and just a lot of work. Camping with kids is a whole new ball game lol. Wish we would have copied you! The pics are adorable, Addie looks thrilled to be inside the tent! Looks like you guys had fun. Such a cute family!