Monday, October 29, 2012

Adelyn's Third Birthday!

Addie turned 3 on the 22nd which was exactly one week ago- I am a little behind! We decided since we'd just gotten back from California the day before, that this year her birthday would be low-key (okay, I decided). Addie didn't care and it was still exciting and fun for her. We had my family over for waffles for dinner (her choice) but what she really wanted for dinner was cake. I kept asking her what her she wanted for her birthday dinner and she'd tell me, "uhhh...cake! Let's have cake!" and I would reply with something like, " No, we will have cake for dessert- cake is a treat. But what do you want to have for dinner? Hamburgers, Torillas, Soup, waffles?" and she would still tell me, "...................CAKE!!". Haha she finally told us waffles, although she was dying to eat her cake. And who wouldn't when it looked like this! Doesn't that thing look amazing???? I wish I could take full credit for it (especially when I first showed it to Jared- he was like, "WOW! You made that??!!") but my good friend Kiya- who is good at EVERYTHING and who took Dallin's 1 year pics- made this whole thing! She only came over to help (which was enough considering she has two girls the same age as ours) and made the entire thing instead! How nice is that?? Anyway, I thought it looked so amazing and Addie loved it too! She got a big grin when I brought it to her :)

Adelyn got some girly things for her 3rd birthday including, a princess Minnie Mouse from Aunt Kara, dress up princess figurines, a wooden dress up doll for church, a book from my parents, money from Grandma and Grandpa Steve, lots of neat cards, and a pink pony. This girl was in heaven this year! 

We love our Addie girl so much! She is really into pretend play, and loves playing mother and daughter with her toys. Adelyn is so kind to Dallin, and is getting good at including him in her play lately-which he loves. She LOVES watching movies and is so good at knowing movie titles, movie songs, lines from movies, and is basically a genius if you ask her anything about a movie.  She is always asking me, "What movie is this from?" if she hears a song off Pandora she doesn't know. It's probably my fault- I have a useless talent of memorizing movie quotes and I've passed it onto her. We will often start reciting scenes from a movie or song- and she is right there with me- jumping right in when it's the child's line. For instance: In the sound of music when the VonTrapp family singers are singing their "so long, farewell" song, Addie can sing the whole thing but will ask me (just like in the movie/song) "I'd like to stay, and taste my first champagne. Yes?" and will wait until I respond firmly, "No!" :). On the way to California Jared popped in The Sound of Music soundtrack and we were singing along- I was singing Fraulein Maria's parts and Addie sang all the children s' parts. I never taught her- she just did it! Funny girl! That's just how she is- always a lover of the theater!
Addie is really good at sharing with other kids (generally speaking) and lately is very concerned as to the whereabouts of all her friends. I am always getting questions about where they are at. She really loves her friends and talks about them constantly. Lately Addie has gotten more independent and likes to tell me when she's done something by herself. She finally knows and recognizes the letter "A" (we've been working on it for awhile) and is somewhat acquainted with other letters- but we have a start! Addie loves nursery and we are always surprised at the songs and stories she learns from her teachers. She still loves books and gets pretty interested in the stories. Adelyn is 100% a daddy's girl and loves Jared soooo much! I really love watching the cute relationship they have and the fun way they interact together. Addie is a good listener and has yet to run away or not obey an important command, like staying close to the car / grocery cart which I SO appreciate and love so much about her. Adelyn is such a sweet individual and it is crazy seeing her develop, grow, and mature in ways I didn't think she would at an early age. We truly love our Adelyn and are so grateful she has been in our family for three years! Happy birthday my sweet girl!


Collin and Danny said...

Looks like she had such a fun birthday! And that cake looks amazing... good job to both you and Kiya!

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

Oh my gosh!! Such a cute cake!! That cute little Addie!! So fun!

Eric and Rozanne said...

I too love the cake! Very awesome! Sounds like she is such a sweet and fun little girl!

Meredith Williams said...

That girl is so cute!! I love that she has the Sound of Music song memorized! hahaha, I need to hear this in person!