Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Balboa Island Trip

We took a short trip to spend time with our friends who have a beach house on Balboa Island- Newport beach, CA. We stayed there with the Fremming and Jacobsen families and it was a lot of fun! I am writing this all out so I have a record of it, but mostly so I have a hard copy to remind myself of how difficult vacations tend to be with our children (ahem...Addie).

We drove the 6 hours and the kids did pretty well considering they both took short naps each, until we were on our last hour. So we stopped off at Downtown Disney instead of heading straight into LA (where my sister and her hubby live, which was where we were staying the night). Fortunately, it was a great break and the kids were ready to get back into the car to see their aunt and uncle. We were relived because Dallin was hysterical in the car before we stopped and was trying to break free of his car seat like he was superman or something! haha We were worried he'd be traumatized and not want to get back into the car!

It was great hanging and eating with Kara and Garrett and they spoiled me rotten for my birthday! It was so nice to see them and we wish it could have been longer.

Wednesday we hung out at Downtown Disney again until we met up with Natalia and Ellie at the beach house. Ellie and Addie instantly clicked and basically played together rather nicely the entire time we stayed! I was glad they were good friends! We did a lot of walking around and going to parks, seeing shops, and relaxing but what I really want myself to not forget is how sleeping went. Addie has always had a difficult time with simulating situations and being out of her element. When my sister got married, she did surprisingly well and so we didn't think she'd have many problems this vacation- or better yet, that she'd finally grown out of it. YEAH NO! Adelyn did well during the day, but every nap and bedtimes she flipped and refused to sleep. She kept crying that she wanted to sleep in her own bed and that she just wanted to go home. It was like this the whole trip unless she fell asleep in the car or when she zonked out at Disneyland. When she would finally go to sleep, she would wake up every hour or so and freak out and start all over was like having a newborn again. FOUR. DAYS. STRAIGHT. Which may not sound like a big deal if you have a newborn, but keep in mind that Addie just turned 3 so this was something we finally thought we'd gotten past. It was rough.

This is supposed to say "Newport '12" with our footprints...curse Pintrest for making everything look so perfect!

Friday night we went to the Halloween Mickey's Party at Disneyland. It was so nice to go back again, although we were so sleep deprived and exhausted (not to mention lacking some patience) that we really didn't go on many rides and I kinda felt like we didn't take advantage of the time we had there. Granted, Adelyn was having a difficult time wanting to go on most rides and therefore kind of killed the hype for us. Oh well! We got lots of candy and had fun being with Kara and the Jaccobsens! Dallin was an angel and fell asleep at his bedtime and slept the whole time. Although, he did pee in his mickey costume an hour after we got there, so that was a bummer. It was cute on him while it lasted!

Saturday morning we rode the ferry over to the docks so we could go on a boat. Addie was really wanting to ride a boat, and I thought it would be nice and relaxing. It was, and could have been the entire time, had Addie not flipped about wearing the life vest. She screamed almost the entire time (Sleep deprivation probably didn't help either). Only until I could get her caught up in wild and dramatic tales of beauty and the beast meets Addie and Jared, did we have a peaceful boat ride....but then it was nap time for Dallin. Actually, that was probably my most favorite thing we did. I liked seeing the houses on the shore and the interesting boats. But I felt really bad for our friends who were stuck in a boat with our screaming children.

I make it sound like it was a horrible trip- but actually, besides sleep times  it was rather nice and enjoyable. Jared and I love that atmosphere and hoped our kids would too. They really liked the beach and Disneyland, so I suppose that it wasn't a complete failure of a vacation. Just difficult when you are exhausted. We actually came home Saturday night instead of Sunday morning because we didn't want to suffer through another grouchy night. Thank you Jaccobsens and Fremmings for covering the cleaning so we could go!

Oh! And neither of our kids peed on the sidewalk at Disneyland like last time- so for that reason , I suppose the trip was a complete success!! 


Erica said...

For as often as you go to Disneyland, you should save a couple trips worth and come to Idaho instead! :)

Kiya said...

hahah. this just made me laugh. i'm sure addie loved the trip, regardless of her sleep deprivation. you guys are great parents.