Monday, October 15, 2012

Handy Helpers

Our kids are pretty funny about being helpers. Adelyn has been pretty good at being obedient from the get-go and so will help out if asked (especially if bribed to watch a show) and Dallin is a people pleaser I think. If I bust out the broom, he is instantly wanting to sweep too. I start vacuuming  he is grabbing his toy vacuum to help out too. He's into everything when I'm trying to get something done, but I honestly think he just feels like he's helping out. Maybe he is just at that age where he copies everything an adult does- but I feel like he has Jared's "helpfulness" which is pretty cute! Either way, I accept any help no matter who is giving it! Addie is like me, and one of her favorite chores is dish washing  Don't know why she loves it so much- probably because she just plays up there instead of actually washing. Whatever! I like that it gets her used to the concept of helping out in the family!

Addie helping Jared fix the lawn mower:

 Dallin helping me make dinner:

This was the worst idea ever! I totally thought re-planting a couple of flowers(a 10 minute job) would be just fine with the kids outside with me....NO! Dallin kept digging up all my plants and then trying to eat the soil (evidence of that is smeared all over his face) plus, it got all over his cute clothes until I finally ripped them off...hence why he is in his diaper! Oh! And it probably took me an half hour to get a half-as-good job done. Never doing that again!

Dallin has learned how to climb up the stove so that he can touch the burners...scary!

Also, Look at the costume I made for Dallin's Halloween costume! The shorts turned out longer than I thought they'd be, but other than that I am proud of what I made! Can you tell who he is supposed to be?

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Eric and Rozanne said...

It's always great when they can learned to help from a young age. Cute pics!