Monday, October 8, 2012

Life around here

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, which means it's time for a long post so I can catch up! First thing is, I've ripped out my flower garden and planted some vegetables and fruit hoping some fresh produce will come up! I planted carrots, tomatoes, squash and cucumber. So far I have a few seedlings but nothing's really started growing yet. I was going to leave some of the flowers, but decided that all the new plants would be vines and therefore need as much space as possible. Jared suggested I make a bouquet of flowers- so that's what I did! Jared also cut our lawn down and planted winter grass (normal grass for everywhere else in the world) so that we will have a beautiful backyard to accompany the wonderful weather that should be coming soon! I am so excited to have picnics in the backyard again!
Our good friends the Urrutia's came down from Ohio to interview with Hospitals down here in AZ so we got to eat lunch with them and take them to see the temple site! The temple site wasn't terribly exciting (especially not for the kids) but I think it will be neat to show the kids the pictures in several years. We were so glad to see Brody and Erin! Last time we saw them, Jared and I were engaged- now they have three girls and we have two kids- crazy!! Thanks for visiting us, we hope you'll be living here soon!

This week was general conference- boy is that nice! Not only is it great hearing from the Prophet, but we definitely love the convenience of nap time at our house! We have one o'clock church and it is SO HARD with our kids since they nap at one! Although, Jared and I were just laughing at several moments of watching  general conference because we basically didn't hear much of what was said- Addie was singing "Choose the Right" while marching around the love sac (and other random songs) while Dallin kept climbing all over the place. This is how our kids were Sunday morning session:
Fortunately, we got them down for naps the second session on Sunday, but, after all that wildness going on that morning.......Jared and I totally fell asleep. I know, I know- what bad parents!!!!!

My grandparents started a tradition  a long time ago that after the second session of General Conference, our families get together and make donuts while listening to Christmas music. Totally random, but probably my favorite tradition regardless! My Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Eric with their kids, my parents and siblings, and Jared and I, were the lucky ones there this time! This was Addie and Dallin's first time of helping out/ eating the donuts! Dallin just loved that he got undivided attention from his Uncle Jesse, and Addie thought pretty much everything was great! Good times!


Saragers said...

Hey the Urrutias were in my home ward for a little bit! I totally want to join in on that doughnut and christmas music tradition...

Collin and Danny said...

Okay your garden sounds heavenly! I wish I had a yard where I could plant a garden. I am jealous! And those donuts look amazing! What a fun tradition.

Meredith Williams said...

What a super fun tradition. I think the most random ones are the best and the ones we remember the most!

Eric and Rozanne said...

That sounds like a fun and interesting tradition! Those kind are the funnest of all, and who wouldn't like any tradition that includes donuts and Christmas music.