Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween fun

There are a lot of opportunities to have Halloween fun here in AZ (maybe to compensate for the fact that it isn't even cold yet and still feels like mild summer???) and we tried to do all the fun things we could. Jared and I both love the "fall" season and Addie has really enjoyed and understood Halloween better this year too. She was really good at saying, "trick or treat" and "thank yous" and Dallin even caught on to the idea with grabbing a handful of candy and knocking on the doors. It was pretty cute to see them enjoying themselves!

Addie really loved riding this "train" and seeing as we had an extra ticket, Addie got to go by herself after Dallin and I rode behind her. Lucky girl got to go twice! It was pretty crazy seeing her go off on the train by herself. It rattles my brain that we have a 3 year old now!! When did she get so grown??
That is a corn box Addie is playing in- cute idea instead of using sand!

 Before Halloween itself we attended Disneyland's costume party, our ward trunk or treat, carving pumpkins, Halloween playgroup party at the park, and a local pumpkin patch. Whew! I also have to put in here that Jared is the best pumpkin carver EVER! Addie decided she wanted a Minnie Mouse carved in her pumpkin and Jared was so good about doing it for her. Not sure if you can tell by the picture- but it was a very detailed beast of a thing to carve. Jared is the master carver and never complained (like I would have....artistic things are not my strong point . So way to go Jared! He did a ghost and I did a cat (that he outlined for me) pumpkin. Basically he did all of them haha :)

Look how cute the kids look in their costumes! If only they would have worn their ears for longer than it took me to take this picture.....

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