Friday, November 30, 2012


Last year I did this post about turning things you grumble about into reasons to be grateful. I know it's past Thanksgiving time (which Addie reminded me when I tried to give her leftover turkey for lunch) but I'm having a hard time feeling like it's Christmas with it being the 80 degrees. So forgive me for being a little grateful for a little longer!

~I'm grateful for the amount of time Jared has spent working this year because it means he still has a job and is able to provide for our family.

~I'm grateful for yard work almost every weekend, because it reminds me that we actually have a house to live in and maintain. Also, it gives me the chance to be outside and see the wonderful and beautiful things God's created for us.

~ I'm grateful for the nasty grub I found in my garden I can stop teasing Jared that he was just making it up about grubs eating the grass' roots. Guess you were right, Babe!

~I'm grateful that the house has been extra messy lately, because the kids are playing with the toys they have instead of laying on the couch watching TV.

~I'm grateful that we have a ridiculous amount of flies in our house lately, because I have become extremely grateful that I didn't live in a time period where there were no window screens and so bugs, varmints  and nasties were in the houses constantly.....I am so thankful!!! I think I would literally go crazy- I feel like I already I am with just the flies to kill!

~I am thankful that it is sick season because we live in a time where a flu or a cold isn't very worrisome, and so I don't fear for my kids' and husband's life when they get ill.

~I am thankful for preparing preschool lessons because it gives me the opportunity to teach Adelyn and her friends something- it also gives me the kick in the pants I need, because otherwise I probably wouldn't do any sort of preschool stuff with her. So I guess it also makes me not lazy :)

~ I am thankful for the body I have and all the things it does. There are many people out there with health problems and missing arms or legs, and I know I should be more grateful instead of complaining about petty things.

~ I am thankful that our car isn't the latest or greatest vehicle out there- because it performs well and gets us where we need to go- which is all anyone really needs anyway.

~ I am grateful Jared works late sometimes, because it makes the kids and I so much more excited to see him the next time.

~ I am grateful for our neighbor's loud barking dogs....I sort of rely on them when Jared's gone to tell me if anyone is sneaking around at night. They would certainly let the whole neighborhood know!

~ I am grateful my kids throw tantrums sometimes and that they frustrated the heck out of me because I'm pretty sure that's normal so it means they are developmentally where they need to be! :)

I'm grateful for a lot more things, I just didn't want my list of things I grumble about to go on and a few more things that I truly love are my sweet, forgiving, and compassionate husband, the best kids I could ever ask for, the greatest parents in laws out there, wonderful family, extended family, and in laws, and lastly a Heavenly Father who loves me and listens to my prayers.


Kiya said...

Love the post, Aubrey! I loved the insight and the admirable attitude.....I especially love that Addie reminded you that Thanksgiving is over after trying to feed her turkey. haha

Meredith Williams said...

I love that you do this list. I need to make these for myself more often.....
ps you did such a good job on Dallin's hair. I want to cut Christian's but have no idea how to. We need to talk!