Monday, November 19, 2012

Jared's Hunting Trip

A couple weeks ago Jared left from Tuesday to Sunday to go hang out with his brothers Eric, Kyle, and TJ and his dad in Tennessee and Missouri. Every year they get together for a hunting trip, but for one reason or another (usually finances) Jared hasn't ever gone in our 4 years of being married. It was definitely time he went!  I made sure he brought our camera along so that we could see what they did and have record of this fun event! I have to say, I was impressed that Jared took a lot of good pictures- I was worried he'd only bring back one picture or something ;-). 

His oldest brother, Eric, shot a buck, which was unfortunately the only luck they had. Jared actaully saw a 10 point buck (something very rare- for those of us who don't speak hunting lingo) but didn't have an opportunity to shoot. I love the picture of Jared with Kyle, Eric, and his Dad- so cute! (ahem, i mean manly.... :))

They also went golfing, out to eat, and saw the new James Bond movie, and of course spent quality time together hanging out! It sounded like a lot of fun and I know Jared loved seeing all his family that he hasn't been around for awhile- everyone's kids are getting so big! I'm so glad he was able to go this year!

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