Tuesday, November 27, 2012

there's a first time for everything...

We've had a couple fun "firsts" this last month that I wanted to record!

Dallin's first hair cut! It had been long overdue, but it just got more and more difficult for me to cut it because the longer it grew, the curlier it became! And I've heard from several moms that once you cut it, the curls don't come back....Arg! So it took me a long time to want to cut it for that reason.....even so, I really hope they come back!! 
Dallin did really well (I did it while he was eating) but that also made it difficult because he was in his high chair, which was hard to get the back of his head. This was my first time cutting boy hair, and I didn't do a very good job because I was blindly trying to cut the back, make it even, and do it as quickly as possible. After I was done I just wanted to shave the whole thing- I thought he looked silly- but Jared said to let it grow out so I could try again.

Addie's first was going to the dentist! We started talking about the dentist visit weeks prior so that it wouldn't be a scary experience and she'd know what to expect. Considering how tough new environments can be for Addie- she did awesome! Only once did she slightly start freaking out, but it was only because they were trying to do x-rays and trying to adjust the thing in her mouth 500 times. She also wasn't crazy about wearing the heavy vest. We decided to try next time! She got to pick a couple of toys from their treasure chest and she still excitedly tells friends, "I went to the dentist!" so I guess it was a successful first exposure to dentistry! :)
 Of course Minnie and Blanket had to accompany her with all this new stuff going on!

Yay for new things!

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