Monday, December 17, 2012


I remember learning we were pregnant with baby #2 and secretly hoping that the child would be a girl because Addie and #2 would only be 20 months apart. I figured that being so close in age- they would get along better if they were both girls. I'm so glad Dallin wasn't a girl (not that we don't want any more girls)! Addie and Dallin play so well and both their personalities and gender inclinations balance each other out and make them best playmates!
 Don't get me wrong- we definitely have tough times where they're taking toys away, screaming, arguing (or at least Addie is lecturing), and wanting to play balls vs. barbies, but as I remember- that sort of just comes with having a sibling.

They are partners in crime, pals, and the cutest things to watch when they're playing nicely together. This morning when Adelyn heard Dallin talking from his bedroom, she told me, "Dallin's awake! Dallin's my friend, mom...I like playing with Dallin!" which could possibly be on my top 5 for "make you feel good" parent moments.
Despite their polar opposite personalities: Dallin is easy going, lenient, patient, flexible, a sympathetic crier, and people pleaser. Adelyn likes things her way, routine oriented, kind, possessive, chatty, persistent  and has sweet thoughts and is forgiving. Even though they have many differences, I found as I was typing this that they actually share more qualities than I originally thought....well they get along and that's what I love most! I'm so glad Heavenly Father sent them close together so they can learn from each other. I often think how smart Heavenly Father was to organize families the way they are. I strongly feel that our siblings give us the opportunity to get along with different personalities, learn from one another, which help us to be better people. I am so thankful for my family, extended family, and the family Jared and I have started together!

Something I was okay with Dallin not learning from his sister: haha :)