Monday, April 30, 2012

Disneylamb 2012

"Come on! Come on! You want to go to Disneylamb????" Is how our adventure started! Addie was pounding her head against the front door and saying that phrase over and over and over again. The anticipation was just too much for our Disney die-hard fan!

The kids did so very good the first two days at Disney and at the beach. Addie has a really hard time with change, so we were pretty nervous about all the lack of naps, irregular bedtimes, different beds, new things, and over stimulation. But we were shocked at how well she did- didn't have a single bathroom accident and Dallin did equally well considering warned me that at "9 months old, traveling may be very overwhelming".

Addie really liked eating at "The Blue Bayou" since we told her it was princess Tiana's restaurant- which is her favorite princess.

Addie had SO much fun at Dana Point beach- we were surprised that she just bounded into the water- never mind the cold temperature- and didn't even have an issue with getting wet or dirty (or cold). In previous times of taking her to the beach, she got scared half to death! So this was a big milestone for our little princess! (It might have also helped that there were no crashing waves...this was a "kid beach"). 

Dallin did great sleeping in the car! :) He and Dakota fell asleep on the way there(the beach) and we didn't have the heart to wake them. When Dallin finally woke up and Jared promptly introduced him to the water, he wasn't as thrilled as his sister though. :)

We got to stay with our good friends the Lee's and it was so much fun spending time with them! Our kids really got along well, and enjoyed playing together!
Despite all of the kids good behavior throughout the week, our last day at Disneyland (Saturday) was not our best. It was a bummer since my sister, Kara and her fiancee, Garrett, drove out to go with us- and I doubt they'll be in a hurry to do that again. Adelyn had 4 accidents and Dallin pooped about the same amount of times (which isn't a big deal unless you have a very wiggly 9 month old who doesn't want to get his diaper changed because he'd rather crawl all over the nasty bathroom floor!). They both delayed their naps, and around dinner they both finally passed out with exhaustion, only to wake up crabbier than before! In an effort to calm my screaming 2 year old down, i took her to a somewhat secluded spot which wasn't smart since she started peeing on me! Well I sure as heck didn't have any extra shirts and there was no way we would make it to the bathroom, so I did what any normal parent would do.....I ripped off her pants and let her pee on the sidewalk. Yeah, not my favorite moment as a parent- nor was it for the parent's around me, I'm sure. But what was I supposed to do??? was just one of those days. 

Not long after our get-to-know-you with the sidewalk, Dallin blew out of his pants again, wasn't laying still at all and when a lady came over and offered to help, I literally thrust him in her arms and told her this was the worst day ever and I just wanted it to be done! Poor lady probably thought I was crazy, she was very sympathetic though, and I really appreciated it! Actually, after Dallin went to bed, the night turned out not so bad! Addie stayed up until 11 and was requesting to go on her favorite rides until the very bitter end! Jared and I were able to go on some of the adult rides we'd not been able to ride thanks to Karett's generosity! So the day didn't end up being so bad. 

All in all, it was a really nice "vacation" (I'm pretty decided that until our kids are older, vacation isn't really the proper term) and we loved seeing family, friends, the beach, Disneyland, and all of our favorite princesses!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am reading a book that I'm not terribly crazy about, that's about motherhood. What I've read so far, she is taking the reader through her memories of being pregnant, in labor, and breast feeding and what her thoughts were during those times. It got me thinking about when my babies were born and all the memories I have too. But then I started to realize- I really don't have that many.

It really kinda bothers me how giving birth is probably the times I've been the proudest of myself, felt like I could conquer anything and yet I can't properly recall those feelings. I can't quite remember. It's like seeing a picture of yourself as a child somewhere and although you sort of recall that moment, you can't exactly remember what you did before or after that photo was taken- in which case, perhaps you only remember looking at that picture.

In some ways it's the greatest gift God gave women- that they forget the pain of childbirth (although I think I can remember some of that). But for me, it's a shame that I have to forget all the good that came after it. Sure, I have memories, I'm not saying I was unconscious or something during the entire ordeal, I'm just saying that there are a lot of details that are not with me anymore. Although, I suppose it's the same way with a lot of things too. I look at pictures of Addie when she was a baby and for the life of me can't picture me holding newborn her anymore. I've got some memories and feelings there, but if I had to describe to you the way she behaved at say, 3 months, I couldn't do it.

"That's the beauty of taking video vs. pictures", Jared keeps reminding me- and he's very right. But I hope that after we die and live in Heaven, there is a way for our bodies to recall all the wonderful experiences that our earthly bodies have forgotten. I know there are so many I've lost! 

The one thing I look forward to the most when I'm pregnant is the moment when I can finally hold my baby for the first time. So, at least I can remember that instant after all the hard work of labor is rewarded with that adorable chunky baby I get to cradle in my arms. At least I have that.

Adelyn above, Dallin below

Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter...which was awhile ago

Yeah, this is a pretty belated post, but better late than never, right? Since this is so late, I am just going to put up pictures....and maybe captions if you're lucky!

Playgroup's Easter egg hunt:

coloring Easter eggs:

Easter Morning:

The kids were happy with what the Easter Bunny brought: Princess coloring book for Addie and a textured ball with Binkies for Dallin. And of course, lots of candy and treats!!