Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Day #1

Christmas day was so fun this year! Adelyn is at an age where she REALLY GOT everything that was going on- even more than last year-which made it all very exciting for everyone else. I kept waking up so excited that night, anxious to see the kids reactions that morning!

Addie woke us up and immediately wanted to go see the loot....wisely my mom suggested that we put up a baby gate the night before...and thank heavens we did! She was trying to bust that thing down before we even got out of bed! So we made her pee, we got the camera, woke up Dallin and this is their reaction:

~Well guess you'll never know...dumb blogger won't let me upload any videos! Does anyone know how to upload them effectively????~

I am pretty sure Dallin didn't have a clue what was going on, but was thrilled nonetheless. Addie was pretty impressed with anything that was out there :). Ahh to be a kid again! We all had a really great Christmas and had a fun time spending it together. Here are some of the things the kids got this year:

Okay, so the kids don't look that happy in any of these pictures- but they really were!! Nobody was in the mood for picture taking, i guess! One thing that really surprised us this year.....remember that train track from the last post that Santa probably spend forever trying to make really cool???? Well we pretty much made a bet that Dallin would be like King Kong and destroy it first thing he saw it. Surprisingly, he was very cautious and ADDIE was the one who couldn't stop stepping on it! Silly kids! :)

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Tari said...

when I upload videos to blogger, I upload them to youtube and then post the youtube video on my blog. You can change the settings to be visible only to those who have the link so weirdos surfing youtube can't find your family videos if you don't want them to. Glad you guys had a fun Christmas!