Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Eve #1

 Last minute we decided to visit Jared's sister's family for Christmas this year and would be leaving on the 23rd. So before we left we did Christmas Eve, and Christmas .....#1 (since we also celebrated at his family's house too lol). We did pizza with my family and Jordan Colby, whose family had left for their Christmas destination earlier. Afterwards we did the traditional Nativity reenactment  and Addie HAD to be Mary. For some reason she'd had an weird obsession with Mary this season and kept telling me repeatedly that she was going to be Mary....because I guess it was that important to her- made me laugh....likely nobody would want to steal that role from her lol ;)

When we asked her who/what we should use for baby Jesus she insisted it must be Dallin. Which made us all laugh because if anyone knows Dallin lately- HE NEVER STOPS MOVING and therefore would not make a very good newborn baby Jesus. Well apparently he felt the sacredness of his role, because despite all our silliness and giggling, he actually laid in his "manger"! I am so surprised at what our kids understand at such young ages sometimes!

Addie shed off her "Mary" attire pretty quickly, Dallin wouldn't keep anything on we tried to dress him in so we looked pretty casual in our nativity get-up but I assure you it's a worthwhile tradition! We had a lot of fun and were glad we got to act it all out to keep in mind what Christmas is all about before we left for Wyoming.

After laying out our stockings and getting Santa some milk and cookies (Addie was feeling generous and gave him every last cookie we had in the house..), Santa came in and left some presents for the kiddos.....

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