Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last Minute

We were planning on laying low this year and staying put for the holidays. Didn't end up that way! As usual, we changed our minds last minute and booked a flight to visit Jared's sister, Jeanni and her family in Casper, Wyoming with only a week before Christmas! Crazy! After we did it we got super anxious about the whole thing considering how horrible our kids tend to be on vacations and that we'd booked our stay for 12 days....the longest we'd ever been somewhere on a trip! Honestly, I was really scared this would be a disaster, but prayed the kids would handle things well. Fortunately, Heavenly Father is aware of our mental/physical/emotional limits and so it wasn't so bad...in fact we had a great time! Jared was sick for about half the time and Dallin had weird sleeping issues. But other than those two things- everything was wonderful! Addie handled everything much better than typical trip fiasco s  and she had a blast playing with her cousin Jaidyn who is a year older than her! Dallin loved torturing the dog and having all the cousins to play with too! I really loved getting to go shopping with Jeanni and go see a movie with her (without the kiddos!) and Jared loved the opportunities he had to go hunting, fishing, and video-gaming! It was honestly a great vacation and we loved spending the time with their family- they are so great on so many levels!!

 This was a trip with many "firsts". The kids and my  first time of seeing snow fall, Dallin's first plane ride, the kid's first time playing with cousins, Addie's first movie theater movie (Wreck it Ralph), the kid's and my first time going somewhere different for Christmas day, Dallin's first time saying and audible "thank you",  Jared's first time in a long time going hunting with his nephews and Barry! Fun stuff! : )

 It really was a great trip and we are so glad we made the effort to go see them! Barry and Jeanni are great parents and we learned a lot from them! Their 4 kids are super well behaved and it was good for the kids to see examples of how to act in public and family settings. Thank you Jones family for having us! :)


Erica said...

I really, really think you need to make one of those spur of the moment trips here! I mean, Wyoming was close, but not close enough. Think about it, I haven't even met either of your kids! It's been way too long!

Chris'sBlog said...

Way to be spontaneous :) I love the pics with you guys in the snow! SOOO CUTE!!!! Glad you guys had fun!