Thursday, February 7, 2013

big kids

I can't believe big both our kids have gotten! With the beginning of the year, Dallin went into nursery and Adelyn went into primary.Wow! They both didn't do too hot with the transitions that first week, and since Jared teaches Sunday school, I spent second hour bouncing between two hysterical children. Jared took over third hour, and when I checked on them, they seemed to be handling things better. Maybe Jared has a special touch....I thought they should just "figure it out" by themselves- even if it meant crying. But, then again, Jared says the kids are better behaved on the occasional Sunday I am on the stand conducting the music....Jared the child whisperer?? Perhaps!

Anyway, after that initial, "first Sunday" they both did better and felt a little more comfortable in their new environments. Sometimes I can't really blame kids for acting out- I personally don't love situations I'm uncomfortable in either. And from Dallin's perspective- he probably doesn't even understand we'll ever come get him. For all he knows, we are just dropping him off to stay there forever! I can see why new experiences are hard for kids.

Speaking of new places- Addie has been going to a ballet and dance class twice a week! We got a deal for 10 classes for $20 and so far it's been well worth it! Before the deal came about, I'd been wondering if she was at a good age to start signing her up for things like these or if she'd be too young still. This has been the perfect way to find out! Especially since she likes admiring herself in the mirrors more than listening. She does okay... but I often hear the teacher saying things like, "Addie, knees down" "Addie sit up" "Addie can you do what I'm doing?". The teacher is really good and doesn't come down hard on her or anything- Addie's just in her own Disney princess world.... I don't know if she'll ever change lol! Adelyn's good friend, Sailor signed up for the class and so she's been happy to know someone in the classes. So far, it's been a good experience!

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Meredith Williams said...

I'm so blown away how big Dallin looks......probably because I remember being in hte mothers lounge with you when we nursed our babies.

And I love that Addie is in her own world at dance lessons. I think it's so adorable!