Friday, March 22, 2013

Desert Botanical Gardens

Ever since we'd moved here from California, I'd heard about the neat butterfly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens at spring time. We'd never made the trip there for one reason or another, but after we'd read a Fancy Nancy about butterflies- Addie declared she wanted to go do that too, so I was determined to make it this year! We got free passes from the library and grabbed our good friends the Graff's to come along with us, and away we went! 

Honestly, I don't care for cacti much and that was mostly all that was in the Botanical Gardens (a misleading name in my the name of it I had my hopes set for a luscious garden atmosphere- which wasn't the case) but the butterfly museum made it worth the trip!

We also got to see these neat statue faces. There were four, and one to represent each season. Pretty neat concept because they used a lot of flowers and fruit/vegetables to help express the season. Addie's favorite was obviously spring.....since there were tons of flowers all over that one. She is really into claiming her favorite things lately.

It was a really good time to make the trip since it got up into the mid 90's the rest of the week and the Graff's will be moving come June- so I'm glad we got to go enjoy that together! Thanks for coming with us!!

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Chelsea said...

The butterfly exhibit does look way cool, love the creepy/awesome face statues. :) Cute pictures of all of you guys! You're such a cute mom.