Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Lives Lately

I have been severely lacking motivation to blog lately- which I realize will only cripple me later when I try to think about our lives at this time. My memory has and always will be the worst....I have serious worries that Alzheimer's disease will be an issue for me in elderly years! Anyway, to remind myself of a typical Saturday night (inspired by last night's ordeal) here it starts. It's about 4pm and I ask Jared if this would be a good time to put up my heavy duty decorative shelf and mirror. Yes he says and starts on the project. Well of course the kids want to participate in this project which involves a lot of measuring and drilling into walls- which leads to a little frustration because within seconds the kids are touching, taking, and wanting to grab every tool at their viewpoint. Uhhh this is turning into a longer project than anticipated.

Looking over the instructions, Jared realizes he needs a predrill and stud finder so this shelf of mine won't rip down the entire to my parents he goes to borrow theirs.  Another setback and now it is 5:30 and definitely time to get going on dinner- guess we're not grilling today! So I head off to Cafe Rumba to get us some food. Jared and I get home at the same time, we eat, and Jared gets started on my project again with kids hollering in the background who want to be let out of their booster seats so they can come "help" to. After drilling massive holes in the wall, Jared realizes that Ikea did not include a crucial tool which means no shelf goes up without the part! Arg! Being fuming mad at Ikea, he goes to Home Depot to see if they have the part needed. I decide this is a good time to bathe the kids and collect everything for bath time, wrestle them into the bath and start to take off my makeup because it's been a really busy day and I am exhausted. I'm also sick and so are the kids- which never helps anything whatsoever. 

I hear that Jared has gotten home and is back at putting up my project (he must really love me because this was a beast of an ordeal!) so keeping the kids distracted in the bath seems like a great idea. I finish taking off my makeup and remember that Dallin hasn't pooped today.....which may not be a big deal to any of you, but if I know he hasn't and it's bath time...lets just say I get bath time over and done, FAST! Sure enough that kids has pooped in the tub AGAIN (can you tell this happens often??!?!) and they never even got soaped off!!! ARG! I fling them out, wash it out and throw them back in again to be cleaned. All the nasty poop toys I put with soapy water in my sink to deal with later. This time I make bath time a shorter event and rush them out because I am certainly ready for bed and it's now past their bed times at 7:50. I. am. done! I wrestle Dallin into his jammies while he's fighting and kicking, screaming, the whole works and finish and go on to help Addie with her's. When I hear a splash of water go on the floor...what??? I fling myself around to see Dallin who's found a stool and got himself into the poopy water full of yucky bath toys which he's playing in and dumped water onto himself and the floor. WHEN WILL THIS DAY END???? I have lost all patience by this point (Dallin and Addie were both in cantankerous moods the entire day, probably courtesy of being sick) and it is time to get the kids in bed!! No books for Dallin tonight! Change the clothes and straight to bed he goes!

Jared got the shelf up, which looks great, but there is still the mirror, which didn't get measured correctly and two holes drilled in the wall are measured slightly too close to each other so that two more drills into the wall are necessary to get that thing up! Arg! Needless to say, when everything finally got up that day, we were both really satisfied with how it looks but wish the effort wasn't' so great! WE WERE TIRED!!! Thank you Jared for all that effort to make me happy that we finally have what I wanted on our blank wall!! So There you go, that's our life right now- we love it but sometimes it's really hard. Besides our nightly fiascos, here is what we are up to:

Jared: Besides accommodating my requests for putting things on the walls, he has been working as usual, but has stepped up in his company responsibilities and gets to drive a company car around! That has been great and Jared likes the cool features that are included in the car (bluetooth etc.). He has also continued to go to soccer on Saturday mornings, which he enjoys very much. Although last Saturday he surprised everyone by showing up at Addie's last dance class instead of going to soccer! We were all really excited and appreciated the sacrifice of missing out on his only time during the week he can do something fun, to watch Addie "participate" in dance.  Jared also got a little helper when he was fixing the toilet paper holder the other week, Dallin has sure been Jared's shadow lately!

Aubrey: Besides cleaning up poopy bath water, I've been just trying to keep up with things! We decided to eat healthier and that has kept me busy meal planning and researching. It's more work than before, but I feel good when I know my family is eating better. Speaking of which, out of the weather freeze that killed my squash, cucumbers and tomatoes, look what I pulled out of my garden recently! They were delicious!

Addie: Finished up her last week of trial dance class and I haven't had the heart of telling her that she won't be going this week. I was honestly surprised by how much she enjoyed it and learned. On her own yesterday, she showed me about 4 different ballet positions and moves that I had no idea she'd really learned. I am really considering signing her up!  Adelyn has also been a little spit fire and sometimes rallies Dallin to her cause- example: "But Dallin REALLY wants to watch Strawberry Shortcake!!" " Dallin said I could bring my blanket to the mall!!!". She loves books more than ever and says the funniest things now. We have very interesting conversations sometimes! She is really into joking around and "just teasing" and by the picture below, has taken an interest in a modeling career ha. Also, she has been packing and planning a vacation to Disneyland :) By her accounts, we should be leaving yesterday haha. Her elaborate storytelling is constant and rarely realistic, which is pretty entertaining! 

Dallin: Whew! That boy keeps us on our toes! He climbs, yells, shouts, loves dogs, throws, kicks, and couldn't be cuter! His vocabulary has really taken off and says a variety of words and phrases but most the time he speaks in a language only he understands :). If only we knew what he was shouting at us! He loves to be around Dad, Grandpa, and his uncles (basically men) and wants to be involved in whatever they do. Basketball, soccer, he wants to be right in the thick of it! But despite all his boyish fascinations, he only wants his mama to put him to bed every night :). Oh! and he has the cutest obsession with Mickey Mouse and dogs...he loves them to no end!


Amber said...

It was fun to hear an update on all of you! And I completely relate to your description of your crazy Saturday. So don't feel bad, we all have many, MANY days and nights like that. Hope you have a great Sabbath!

Meredith Williams said...

Oh man, what a night. Thanks for providing me with entertainment though :) It's always refreshing to hear other people have such a crazy nights with their kids. And your carrots look awesome! Way to go, gardening is such a daunting task for me but you have mastered it :)

Chelsea said...

Haha, I hate to laugh but I can just empathize so much! It's funny (after the fact, anyway) how much work it really does take those little things when you've got a couple of busy-bodies. Jared did awesome--it looks great! And I loved reading the cute things about your kiddos. See you guys tomorrow! :)