Monday, April 15, 2013

Peacock Park

A few weeks ago the Mommy Preschool that Addie and I have been doing, decided to take a field trip to the Saharo Ranch Park (aka Peacock park...which is what my mom always called it when i was growing up). But because of complications, miscommunications and the like, it only ended up being Shanna with her kids and us. Which ended up being somewhat funny because around the same time last year, we'd made the same day trip. It was fun to take a picture of her oldest and mine in the same spot we'd taken it last year...what a difference a year can make! And this time, the younger siblings were old enough climb around too!
Last Year

Last Year
Peacock park is so neat because it has really old buildings, tractor equipment and a lot of land to explore. Not to mention there are peacocks running around! We usually just hear they're eerie calls (sounds like a child yelling, "help!"....creepy, right??) but before Shanna showed up, Dallin ran away from me taking pictures and we came across a peacock standing there strutting it's stuff! Crazy to see it so up close and it didn't mind us one bit! It was really neat to see with those long, colorful feathers!

I was glad we got to go there again before it got too hot and before the Graffs leave! It was a fun outing :)