Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nothing has Changed

We've had a lot of changes within our little family. New jobs, new homes, new additions to the family, new challenges, new trips, etc. the list could go on and on. But there are some things that just haven't changed...
Adelyn at 10 months old

Dallin at 10 months old
Dallin now
Addie is still the same book worm she used to be. A lot of times the house will be quiet and I think, "Uh oh what is she getting into?" and 99% of the time she's just in a corner reading books to herself. I think she's passed that book love onto her brother- but he doesn't have quite as much passion for quality book time- instead he spends his time perfecting the climb. Even at a young age, it was evident that boy was going to be a climber. When he gets older, I have every intention of putting that kid in rock climbing lessons! Unfortunately  he's taught his talent to his sister so now we have two crazy monkeys in the house who love to climb up somewhere and laugh their heads off together! Despite giving me a heart attack- I'm happy when they're in cahoots with each other and getting along splendidly.....there are a lot of times where it's not all laughing between the two of them lately. Love, hate relationship is the best description of our kids right now!

There have been a lot of different stages each have gone through, but it's funny what wasn't just a stage, but a personality trait and has truly stuck around.

One night when I went to check on the kids before heading off to bed, this is how I found little mister. Yup! He somehow managed to rip his shirt off before going to bed! Not sure how since he'd never done that before nor since then! This silly boy has to go to sleep with the three B's.....blanket, binkie and book. All of which are shown in the picture (his fabric book is cut off a little in the pic). He has really gotten a hang of language lately and actually communicates pretty well! It's nice not having the grunting and guessing to work with. He repeats almost everything I say (yikes!) so his vocabulary is really growing lol :)

Oh boy! Our little ms. Diva! She insists on dressing herself and if I try to persuade her to wear something a little less awful she replies with, "Mom, but that doesn't look beautiful!"....well I guess she would know! :) This girl sings, dances, and gives me advice all day long. Her recent thing is knock knock jokes and she tells them something like this, "Knock knock knock, who's there????..........stinky banana!!!!". That's her favorite one but it's usually something stinky, so don't get her started! She is also the family police and will reprimand Jared and I whenever we say a naughty word (hate, gosh,...). And heaven forbid I ever raise my voice because then it's time out for me! :)

And check out this beauty we found at a garage sale for $32 bucks! Brand spankin' new!! We were super stoked since we'd been wanting one FOREVER.......But don't let their charming faces fool you. This was before we started biking. THEY. HATE. IT. Just our luck :/

Oh! And if you hadn't heard the news already, our bundle #3 is going to be another boy! This picture was from 16 weeks, I feel pretty mongo already, but we are super excited and looking forward to another personality to add to our bunch :).

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Meredith Williams said...

Holy moly! Those pictures of Addie reading books could not be cuter!
And my kids take their shirts off in bed too! It's hilarious!