Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trial Camping Trip

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to go camping with our friends, the Graffs. Both of us were novice campers when it came to bringing kids along- since neither of us had gone since the kiddos were born! It was sure to be an adventure for sure! We found a campsite in Payson- exactly 2 hours away- where we later learned about 3 bear attacks that had happened in that area the year before....yikes! We were pretty nervous about meeting any wildlife ;-) though thankfully nothing happened!

 I decided to make our young ins little rednecks out there because I wasn't going to bother dressing them up in their Sunday best so they could roll in the dirt. I figured this was the one and only time I was going to allow them to wallow in dirt and mud- might as well let them get good and dirty! The kids loved it- did great- Jared and I always anticipate the worst when it comes to our kids and vacations/ different routines, and we all had a great time! Dallin basically had a hay day with throwing rocks into a small pond, and spent any chance he could, finding objects to toss in there. Boys! I pulled up a chair since he was literally there FOREVER!

Spending only one night there was a lot of work, but was a perfect amount of time for our trial camping trip. The kids slept on the way there, and passed out on the way back too! Honestly  it was great being out in nature, spending time with our friends who are moving soon, and letting the kids get dirty and just play! I think will actually do it again!

Good pic of Jared
Good pic of the can never get everyone at the same time!!

A few things to remember- for next time:
1. Aubrey, don't forget to bring tennis shoes!
2. Bring a ton more wood for fires if it will be cold! (4 bags at least!)
3. Bring toys for the kids.... in case there is no puddle of water to occupy the time

Mr. Expert Camper....glad he knew what he was doing! I sure didn't!

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Meredith Williams said...

Oh my! That first picture is hilarious! Addie sure knows how to dress for camping! That's so cool you went camping.....I agree, it's always a lot of work whether you stay for one night or a whole week. There is so much to pack especially with kids! It looked like a sweet time though!