Monday, June 17, 2013

Probably the best weekend ever

June 14th was our 5th wedding anniversary! Can you believe it?? Neither can we! Well in my opinion that is somewhat of a big deal- I mean, it's not like our 50th or anything, but still- a cool milestone, right?? Well we decided this was reason to celebrate. Plus, we had never left our kids overnight and just spent time as a couple..... Soooo this wonderful person I am proud to call my sister, flew down from Cali to take care of our kiddos for a little bit!
I was a little bit nervous they'd (ahem! Dallin) have a hard time with Jared and I not being there for bed times and such, but they did awesome!! Probably due to Kara's excellent skills- baby whisperer perhaps?? It was such a relief to know they were in such capable hands.
Yes, Addie fell asleep in her lap at some point....we're thinking she's going trough a growth spurt or something!

Kara flew in about 11:30 on Friday and Jared got home around 2:30. We packed up and went our merry way to the Squaw Peak resort which was only about a 20 minute drive. The room was great with a couch, two rooms, two TVs and was way more homey than typical hotels. Then we immediately hopped into our swimsuits ( which was sooo much easier than the event it always is when we take the kids swimming) and went to explore the resort's water park. I wish I'd remembered to take our camera (arg!!) because this place was seriously cool! It had a lazy river, water slide, and several large pools complete with basketball and volleyball nets and balls. There was also miniature golf, which we never got the chance to try out. AND a pool downstairs from the room we were staying in.....I think we swam more in those two days than in several weeks!

After taking advantage of the pool, we got ready and went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and enjoyed a meal free of interruptions and food fights. IT. WAS. GREAT! I would have probably been satisfied with the dinner alone with no other was that wonderful! We got a chance to re-live our memories of how we met, what qualities attracted us to each other  and remember all the funny things we haven't  thought about for awhile. We probably stayed there after we ate, for a good half hour, just talking! How precious that time is!! Then we walked around the mall and jabbered some more, grabbed dessert at Culver's and headed back to do some more swimming.

The next morning we slept in...another marvelous thing all by itself and just relaxed. Then we went to breakfast (another great thing....when do we ever get to do that without the kiddos??) and went to check out and swim yet again! I was nervous about going down the water slide- being hugely pregnant and all- but Jared told me it was really slow so I thought I'd give it a go. UHHHH yeah, that wasn't slow! I was scared I was going to flip over on my stomach at the end, but fortunately managed to keep control just before I was spat out of the slide!  Looking back, I'd totally do it again though! I'd forgotten how fun those things are!
After checking out, we raced off to see Man of Steel in imax. Good movie to see- we both liked it a lot. By that time, it was late afternoon and so we headed back to hang out with the family. Boy, were they happy to see us......NOT! Addie and Dallin could have cared less, they were still more interested in their awesome babysitter :). My parents kidnapped Kara to take her to dinner shortly after, and when she got home again, Kara and I stayed up chatting until 1:30am! Yeah, haven't done that in a long time...we were pretty tired- but probably my favorite times spent with my sister are those late night chats and giggles that turn into laughing-so-hard-you-are-crying, nights. Good times!
Bright and early Sunday morning, Jared woke up to see his Father's Day loot:
Cute things from the kids, a new tie to wear, candy, peanuts, and later that night he got a new wallet! We sure do appreciate that man! He keeps our house running and chugging like it's intended. Just last week he was digging a trench, figuring out how to run a sprinkler system through that trench into a garden he'd dug out for me. Then he put in all the sprinkler things into the mulch he'd just poured into the garden AND hacked down all the bushes I couldn't reach. Oh! Did I mention that it was a record breaking day in terms of "it's boiling hot outside"???? A whopping 112!! This man would find a way to get to mars if his family asked him to (don't worry, we won't!). He is the most loving husband and father anyone could ever ask for. The kids think he's the best thing ever....and they're right! 

We got to eat dinner with my parents and brothers that afternoon and celebrate Father's day at their house too! Boy, do I love my dad. He is just awesome! He can fix anything and has never raised his voice to us kids (even though we were sometimes little snots). He is patient, loving, and quick to forgive. I can't think of a better way to be raised. Thanks Dad for all the great time you've put in being our Dad- and still continue to do for the family that I now have.
Jared took the kids home after dinner to put them to bed for me so that I could drive with my parents and drop off Kara at the airport. We were all sad to see her go:( And even though the weekend was short.....Now doesn't that sound like the best weekend ever??? :D


Kiya said...

Congrats on the anniversary! I'm glad you guys had a great time...I'm so surprised we never ran into eachother though. :) You're sister was so nice to make time to come!

Matthew and Shanna said...

Yes, that does sound like the best weekend ever! So glad you got to get away!