Friday, July 26, 2013

4th of July Weekend

Thanks to the 4th of July being on a Thursday this year, that meant Jared had a four day weekend! Well, Tuesday rolled around and he decided he'd like to make that a 5 day weekend and therefore our vacation was extended! Perfectly enough, I'd picked up free passes to the Children's Museum from the library the day prior, so we decided to go on Wednesday! Last time we went, Dallin was still crawling and Addie was too young to remember going....except weirdly enough she remembered her that her friend, Austin and his family had come along with us. That child has some pretty far-reaching memories! Anyway, it was great and we loved the time we had to spend with Jared there with us. It was definitely a relief to have an extra set of eyes to help me watch the kids- the museum has 3 levels with lots of rooms and places for kids to escape and hide!

Addie's favorite area was probably the "ice cream shop" and bakery area where she baked us many pizzas. Dallin was a little hesitant about some of the loud or unexpected areas (took him awhile to get used to the scarves shooting out of tubes) so it was kind of a hit or miss with what he liked. But his favorite was probably the bike wash area, and then the car racing station. And they both loved the the noodle forest.....however, it is pretty scary when you have two kids running in opposite directions and can't see where they disappeared to!
 I love how this museum is so creative and that there are so many themes and activities for kids to explore- it's impossible for a kid to be bored or not have something that interests them! Plus, the museum does a great job of making enough for everyone- I have yet to see someone fight over any toys!

 I am so glad Jared got that day off so we could do this as a family again- we had a great time and Addie is already asking when we can go back again!

The 4th of July we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house to watch the fireworks (they live behind the Peoria Sport's Complex so we always get great seats from their backyard)! I was pretty nervous about keeping the kids up that late (they start at 9:15 and then there is traffic to battle) but we gave them late naps and just hoped for the best. They actually did great!  We found a shortcut home with very little traffic (yay!) and they thoroughly enjoyed the firework show! Addie felt like she got shafted last year, since we opted out and watched from a very far distance of any fireworks which was closer to our house. I was glad we stayed this year. The day after I was asking Dallin about the fireworks and he seemed pretty impressed about the whole thing. I pointed out that they went, "boom! boom!" and he kept telling me, "Mom! Boom boom fireworks!!" and will still randomly recite that to me. :) Dallin is a learning sponge lately! His language and knowledge is really expanding a lot lately!!

We did some other fun/non eventful activities (like go to the mall etc.) that weekend, and ended with ummmm...BUYING A VAN!! Yeah, totally not planned on doing that whatsoever until closer to when the baby comes. However, Jared went to "just look" and of course the rest is history  So now we are the proud owners of a maroon 2011 Honda Odyssey...or as I like to call her, Rhonda. Get it?? She's Rhonda the Honda!! ha! :) 

What a fabulous weekend- since I've gotten older and now have kids of my own- I just LOVE patriotic holidays! We are so fortunate to live in this country and I love that I have so many freedoms- and most especially that my family can chose our religion, living location, how many kids we have, what schools to attend and that we don't have to worry about being oppressed. But more importantly, I love that I can teach my kids the way I feel is important and best for their growth and well being. God bless the USA!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Jared is a really active guy. He enjoys sweating, playing hard, working hard, and having a good time. Obviously, having a family sometimes interferes with that, but he still likes to get out and do those things as often as the opportunity arises. Lucky for him, this ward started a group that plays volleyball on Monday- which is PERFECT because that is one of Jared's favorite sports to play (besides soccer). So each week he goes and plays volleyball! He really loves going- and as much as I wish I could say I was that overly supportive wife- I hadn't gone until a few weeks ago. Considering that our kid's bedtimes are at 7:30pm (and volleyball starts at 7), it's typically 110 or hotter outside, Dallin likes to participate whenever his dad is playing a sport (hence I have to tear him away kicking and screaming repetitively), and that I enjoy having the kids all in bed so I can rest and relax, has made it a little challenging for me to want to go. And so sadly, Addie is usually the cheerleader that accompanies him (if at all).
Though a couple of weeks ago, Dallin had a late nap, weather wasn't too hot, and I was feeling brave, and so we all went! I was glad we made it- the kids pretty much did their own thing, although I was still doing some chasing after Dallin, but I know Jared was glad we came. It was fun to see Jared having fun and doing something he likes doing! Hopefully the group continues to play, because it would be nice to go when the weather is nicer!! But in the meantime, we are proud of Jared and glad he has something he enjoys to do! Way to go hun!!

Monday, July 22, 2013


I have been falling very behind with all the things I want to blog about, so please excuse that there may be a TON of posts for the next few weeks! One of those things I didn't want to forget about was taking the kids to the movie theater  We went with Adelyn's preschool group (this is the third mommy preschool group in the past 2 years! I can't believe she's been doing this so long now!) and even though we'd already seen The Lorax- the kids love it and so we went! This was Dallin's first time going to the movie theater and it was hilarious to see his eyes wander all over the place! I'd never realized how much there is to see- until I was watching him! He just kept moving his head all over trying to soak in every movie poster and was eager to point out any characters he knew. Especially, "monsters" which is why I got a picture with them in front of the poster- even though we didn't go to see that movie! :) Notice how Dallin is super distracted..

Dallin did better than I thought he would- he got fidgety a little after halfway into the movie- but other than that, I was impressed and surprised. Addie thought it was all great and loved that she could sit next to her friend, Sailor. Oh! And I decided that the key to them doing so well was......POPCORN!! Strangely enough, they just sat and downed the snack (even though we'd just eaten breakfast!). Dallin probably finished off a full bag by himself- so glad it was free thanks to a generous friend who had a t-shirt which got them unlimited popcorn vouchers. Sweet!

It was a fun little outing, and I was glad that I could take them and spend that time with each of them. I am realizing as my due date gets closer, how little time I have to take them on neat outings-without having my attention divided x3. So I am trying to cherish these moments!
 Why is it impossible for everyone to be looking at the same time???