Monday, July 22, 2013


I have been falling very behind with all the things I want to blog about, so please excuse that there may be a TON of posts for the next few weeks! One of those things I didn't want to forget about was taking the kids to the movie theater  We went with Adelyn's preschool group (this is the third mommy preschool group in the past 2 years! I can't believe she's been doing this so long now!) and even though we'd already seen The Lorax- the kids love it and so we went! This was Dallin's first time going to the movie theater and it was hilarious to see his eyes wander all over the place! I'd never realized how much there is to see- until I was watching him! He just kept moving his head all over trying to soak in every movie poster and was eager to point out any characters he knew. Especially, "monsters" which is why I got a picture with them in front of the poster- even though we didn't go to see that movie! :) Notice how Dallin is super distracted..

Dallin did better than I thought he would- he got fidgety a little after halfway into the movie- but other than that, I was impressed and surprised. Addie thought it was all great and loved that she could sit next to her friend, Sailor. Oh! And I decided that the key to them doing so well was......POPCORN!! Strangely enough, they just sat and downed the snack (even though we'd just eaten breakfast!). Dallin probably finished off a full bag by himself- so glad it was free thanks to a generous friend who had a t-shirt which got them unlimited popcorn vouchers. Sweet!

It was a fun little outing, and I was glad that I could take them and spend that time with each of them. I am realizing as my due date gets closer, how little time I have to take them on neat outings-without having my attention divided x3. So I am trying to cherish these moments!
 Why is it impossible for everyone to be looking at the same time???

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