Thursday, July 25, 2013


Jared is a really active guy. He enjoys sweating, playing hard, working hard, and having a good time. Obviously, having a family sometimes interferes with that, but he still likes to get out and do those things as often as the opportunity arises. Lucky for him, this ward started a group that plays volleyball on Monday- which is PERFECT because that is one of Jared's favorite sports to play (besides soccer). So each week he goes and plays volleyball! He really loves going- and as much as I wish I could say I was that overly supportive wife- I hadn't gone until a few weeks ago. Considering that our kid's bedtimes are at 7:30pm (and volleyball starts at 7), it's typically 110 or hotter outside, Dallin likes to participate whenever his dad is playing a sport (hence I have to tear him away kicking and screaming repetitively), and that I enjoy having the kids all in bed so I can rest and relax, has made it a little challenging for me to want to go. And so sadly, Addie is usually the cheerleader that accompanies him (if at all).
Though a couple of weeks ago, Dallin had a late nap, weather wasn't too hot, and I was feeling brave, and so we all went! I was glad we made it- the kids pretty much did their own thing, although I was still doing some chasing after Dallin, but I know Jared was glad we came. It was fun to see Jared having fun and doing something he likes doing! Hopefully the group continues to play, because it would be nice to go when the weather is nicer!! But in the meantime, we are proud of Jared and glad he has something he enjoys to do! Way to go hun!!

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