Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Awesomeness

Haven't done a post about what's been going on lately, so here it is!

Has been keeping busy with work and exercise  Right now he has soccer, basketball, working out, and hiking that he is doing on a daily basis. He does either one or two of those things each day besides Wednesdays and Sundays. Crazy man! He is training for a hike he will be doing next week with a handful of co-workers on Saturday. They will be driving up early to hike in Flagstaff to the tallest point in Arizona- a total of a 5 mile hike! Pretty cool stuff! Jared has also been a saint at humoring me and all my projects. A couple of weeks back, he built a book shelf into our entertainment center and spray painted a different book shelf- simply because I proposed the idea. What a great husband!

I have been mentally, physically, and emotionally been trying to prepare myself for having three kids. When the day is long,difficult and chaotic, I have a panic attack about adding another human being to the mix. On days where the kids are good and we have a pleasant day, I think happy thoughts about a baby in the house. I swear I am not bipolar....though I will admit that I feel that way sometimes! I am currently at 34 weeks along and last week I got an ultrasound that Bass Baby #3 is already up to 5.3 lbs! He is in the 61st percentile (11% over average) and his tummy is definitely on the larger scale "Well, he's not starving in there!" was the technician's comment. Looks like we have another chunk headed our way!

This girl is still as much an entertainer than ever and we get lots of concerts around here! She doesn't like to share center stage, either, and will often tell a family member to stop singing if we try to join in. She has about all her uppercase letters down and knows their sounds (though some are a little tricky...curse you vowels and the millions of sounds you make!) and we are working on lower case letters now. She really enjoys learning and has to use the computer on a daily basis to do starfall.com and pbskids.org. They are really great websites for where she is at, and I'm glad there are websites I can send her to. She recently learned how to use the mouse, which has been SO NICE so I don't have to sit there and do everything with her anymore. Addie has also gotten a little sassy lately- a new stage I blame on being almost 4- which isn't our favorite at the moment....we're hoping it's just a stage and not here to stay. She is still really good for the most part, but I am surprised at the things she puts her foot down about. Particularly bed time- which is hard because my patience is left to a very small margin at that hour. Hard to be jolly and understanding when we am tired and ready for a break too!
You can't really tell, but Dallin came out wearing a shopping cart cover the other day!

Oh, Dallin! He is quite the two year old now. Mister Independent is an understatement! He is growing out of his "baby phase" completely and has started demanding to do things by himself or differently. Today was the first day I wasn't able to coerce him into the stroller when we went to the library- though I was pretty surprised that he actually did a good job at staying with me in the parking lot and through the library! He can undress himself and has proudly come to me buck naked a handful of times. He loves to climb on tables and counters and thinks he is entitled to everything up there (especially things I've been keeping from him) including knives and anything dangerous. Which of course, is accompanied with a big tantrum when I scold him about it. Dallin has also been big on screaming whenever he doesn't get his way or wants our attention. Not annoying in the least bit ;-). But I am going with the technique of either ignoring him, or simply stating, "We don't understand you when you scream. Can you use your words please?" which has worked better than I expected and he will usually stop and tell me what he wants. Thank heavens! Speaking of which- his vocabulary has really taken off! This boy repeats and has something to say all the time! Makes me feel foolish that I ever thought he would be behind in speech- he definitely does a great job communicating! He is the funniest singer too- he knows so many songs and sings along with whatever we are listening to! He must have been soaking in the lyrics as a newborn because the amount of songs he knows is unreal!

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